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  1. cape chef

    RIP Michael Batterberry Important, meaningful voice.
  2. cape chef

    Keeping it clean

    Had my staff start some deep cleaning because we are down for a couple of days. My sous took a couple pictures & I felt very proud that we can pound out 1000s of high end meals a week, yet keep our kitchen this clean. Hoods,combi ovens,blast chillers,convection ovens,floors,walls...
  3. cape chef

    Chapel Hill NC

    I will be in North Carolina mid to late June for a week (Chapel Hill area) Looking for some recs for restaurants. Any "can't miss" ? High end, cultural,street food etc. TIA CC
  4. cape chef

    Waiting for Spring

    I am enjoying the smell of chestnuts roasting in my oven, I love the smell and taste. Just a bit of salt and I'm happy. But it is so cold outside I am really looking forward to spring and it's tender harvest. I can't wait to roll some wild asparagus is brown butter, or pull some ramps and toss...
  5. cape chef

    "classic" French cuisine?

    Does it still exist? I believe it does. After chatting with a friend recently about this topic, and seeing the reply from petals on the thread about cooking a duck, it made me think it may be interesting to discuss ones favorite French recipes. The duck recipe from Chez Michel rings of classic...
  6. cape chef

    Happy Birthday M Brown

    All my best for a happy & healthy year. Hey when are you coming back to the city? Would love to get together for a CT gathering.
  7. cape chef

    On the lighter side

    Chefs, What are you cooking at home these days (when we have time off), whats the comfort food you enjoy? When you get a chance to go out, where are you going, what are you looking for? This time of year I'm making confit, cassoulette, braises and stews. Lots of breads. When I go out, I want...
  8. cape chef

    Chef Test

    Hey folks, This coming Monday I have a chef test. It's designed pretty much like the ACf CEC exam. I need to prepare 4 courses in an allotted amount of time, as well as prepare the main component of the actually dinner service for that evening. I have been emailed my list of ingredients that...
  9. cape chef

    Some Holiday Music

  10. cape chef

    Michael Ruhlman

    I've enjoyed reading Ruhlman for a # of years, and I have been following his blog for a couple of years. He did his first video today. making Pate a Choux. Nice technique for all to know. Thought I would share his link for those interested.
  11. cape chef

    Happy Birthday Kyle

    Hey man, Hope you had a wonderful day, and may your sourdoughs live forever :thumb:
  12. cape chef

    Eleven Madison Park

    There website is really cool. Click on the "film" tab,you'll see 5 mini features, one on service (this is a Daniel Meyer restaurant) and 4 on sous vide. I really enjoy Daniel Humm. Eleven Madison Park Restaurant
  13. cape chef

    Veterans day

    Thank you to all the veterans who have sacrificed.
  14. cape chef

    Hot & Cold Smoking

    I'm in search of tried and true hot and cold smoked food idea's/recipes. Anyone want to share? Thanks
  15. cape chef

    From the NY times Thought many may enjoy this piece about Thomas Keller and his father.
  16. cape chef

    Happy Birthday Jim

    Hey Jimbo, Happy birthday. Cheftalk & your students are better because of you. I hope you have a wonderful day and a healthy year.:thumb::roll:
  17. cape chef

    How food shapes our cities

    Very interesting tutorial by Carolyn Steel Carolyn Steel: How food shapes our cities | Video on
  18. cape chef

    Ibiza New Haven CT

    Had a very good meal at Ibiza in New Haven last night. Ibiza is considered one of the best Spanish restaurants in the country, and for the most part my wife and I concur. The food was progressive, but rooted and focused. The décor is very comfortable and elegant without a hint of...
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