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  1. cheesenbacon

    Kitchen lingo

    Yeah that makes sense
  2. cheesenbacon

    Kitchen lingo

    I always thought the chef mike one was great.  I refuse to use microwaves, but that's just funny.  Microwave is a bad word.  Especially in an open kitchen. I love the reach-around one too.  That's a first.  hahaha! And the seagulls?  I call them vultures.  lol Lets see.... "To the house" =...
  3. cheesenbacon

    Career building?

    Couldn't have said it better myself. 
  4. cheesenbacon

    Being a clean line cook

    Two towels is just retarded.  I'm with boar_d on this one.  It's not even frickin' expensive. I'm a bit biased though, because I go through towels like crazy.  I am a CLEAN cook though.  I don't over-use them at all.  My method works.  I don't think 6-9 is unreasonable. A clean kitchen is...
  5. cheesenbacon

    Drunk Staff

    I've worked for chefs that get absolutely wasted  before and during service and expect me to do everything.  On more than one occasion. Never really bothered me though.  If someone wants to have A cold beer or glass of wine with their lunch before work, that's one thing.  Getting totally...
  6. cheesenbacon

    How not to get a job in my shop

    I worked for a chef that used to say, "I need a new grill guy" or whatever the position might be.  He'd follow up by saying "Find the resume with the most creative or colorful font and throw it away.  We'll start from there." Used to crack me up.  People are just hilarious sometimes. And a...
  7. cheesenbacon

    frying huge quantities of onion- HELP

    I'd sweat them out a little bit..... pull it and set it aside.  Par cookin' baby! Add it per order as you need it.  You can BARELY cook them and still get what you want out of it. I don't know shit about Indian food, but techniques never change.  You have to control your temps and textures...
  8. cheesenbacon


    it might last a week.  boo hoo.  hahaha   you'll learn to love and laugh about it.  8^)
  9. cheesenbacon

    No notice ......this sucks

    WOW!  Now we have a conversation.  8^) And I'm still an advocate of the ass beating method in the walk in or by the grease trap.  haha Just sayin'.... Old skooooool  
  10. cheesenbacon

    No notice ......this sucks

    Yeah, I have to agree... the invoice thing is new to me
  11. cheesenbacon

    Restaurants in Seattle

    I totally agree.  And I also agree with Bellevue sucking.  I'm just talking about progression.  haha
  12. cheesenbacon

    I can't believe the information some of you are sharing........

    Thanks man! And you know what?  A little sugar shouldn't mean a thing... ESPECIALLY when it comes to a damn red sauce.  Do whatever you want.  Throw a cake in it if it tastes good.  I don't like cake though....
  13. cheesenbacon

    I can't believe the information some of you are sharing........

    Sugar should be subtle!  Especially in red sauce.  Red wine is the way to go in my book.  Maybe a little dash of brown. I'm frickin' Irish as hell though, so what do I know.  My sauce is always awesome though. And greyeaglem - I totally agree about the heat factor.  I don't like other cooks...
  14. cheesenbacon

    Restaurants in Seattle

    I can't say that I agree with Capitol Hill being the mecca, so to speak... The entire Downtown area, and metro for that matter.  Lake Union, Magnolia, Ballard, Bellevue, Queen Anne.  The list is just endless. Capitol Hill has changed so much lately (which I hate....), and I think this 'new...
  15. cheesenbacon

    ***** Top Chef Season 7 *****

    I wasn't referring to talent by any stretch.  If you're gonna' watch poopy cooks though, it might as well be funny.
  16. cheesenbacon


    Is it thick like a hummus?  (referring to texture, obviously)  or more saucy like a chutney or pesto...? Never heard of it! Where is it made?
  17. cheesenbacon

    Ask the person below

    Cool thread!  New question. Why are hot dogs/smoked sausage so awesome?
  18. cheesenbacon

    HELP! Need electric grill suggestions

    Yeah, I love those.  I need to buy one.... 
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