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  1. brennaak

    freezer storing

    Okay, right now I'm gonna make a big batch of chicken and rice and lentils, fried-baked chicken, and some kefte (sweet meat balls).   but I want to freeze some. do you guys know how long they can safely stay freezed or if they even freeze well at all? thanx.
  2. brennaak

    chicken and rice and lentils

    I am trying to make a good batch of chicken and rice and lentils. I have soaked 2 # of brown lentils. and all the recipes I find make the lentils seperate and then serve them on top of rice. and they never have chicken. any idea how to slow cook these all together?
  3. brennaak

    dutch ovens

    I was just curious, what is the purpose of a dutch oven? could I just use a clay casserole dish instead? since I can cook acidic in it without any affects anyways? Just curious? also, how does a casserole dish compare to a dutch pot? I get sort of confused between all these different terms...
  4. brennaak

    convection oven vs microwave

    I was wondering if anyone here has traded their microwave in for a convection oven? is it worth it? or any other alternatives to microwaves? also, with convectional oven, can you toast toast, and bake mini pizzas? I forget.
  5. brennaak

    bakeware comparisons

    I was just curious, comparing pampered chef vs tupperware vs stoneware/earthenware vs corningware, which one do you think is best. am looking for something durable, obviously. I've had the s0-called non-stick metal pans, and the pain has scratched off and is quite dangerous to me. I have some...
  6. brennaak

    pampered chef's knives

    I was wondering if anyone here has tried their knives. I was thinking of investing in one or 2 of them and then keeping them in  a special bag for wrapping up knives. any personal experiences?
  7. brennaak

    pots & pans

    okay, I just need i or more pots and pans. basically for boiling spaghetti or shrimp. also, maybe a sturdier double boiler. I plan on replacing my frying pans with a clay frying pan, then a cast iron griddlle, among other things, one dish at a time. any body got any ideas for the pots and pans...
  8. brennaak

    Hello All

    Hi, My name is Brenna. sahm with 3 kidz & a husband. am not sure if i'm a home cook, cook at home, home chef, etc. I like to cooks some generic american food, wide range of ethnic food. I am getting into slow cooking in clay lately. I haven't yet got my first clay pot yet, (monday, yay)...
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