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  1. hollyinportland

    Re. Buffet or Sit Down Dinner????

    WRONG about family-style. At a buffet people assume that there is an endless supply of food. Just like at a Thanksgiving dinner at home, people know that the 8 peices of chicken are for the 8 people at the table. It works every time. People are sharing the food. (of course you need to...
  2. hollyinportland


    It is not a gratuity if it is required. I love VOila catering here in Portland for my events as they have a no required or expected gratuity. Why should the caterer get a 20% gratuity for plate and chair rentals? Voila Catering uses this as a competitive advantage and uses it as a selling...
  3. hollyinportland

    Re. Buffet or Sit Down Dinner????

    How about a family style service?
  4. hollyinportland

    How did you get your job??

    Watch out for culinary schools that have to run late night adverts!
  5. hollyinportland

    recommedations on must eat at in Paris

    Tallivant. Best $500 lunch money can buy. Actually, best meal ever.
  6. hollyinportland

    Defrosting chicken w/o cooking

    See Alton Brown. Imersed in slightly running water provides the fastest way to thaw. It all has to do with heat conduction.
  7. hollyinportland

    Planning a wedding reception menu

    Think of your guests when you choose the food! They will be dressed up in nice clothes...don't do drippy hamburgers! Don't do any food with bones to pick around....make it easy!
  8. hollyinportland

    Doing a Small Catering Job ~ Recommendations

    Don't do stuffed mushrooms.... they are ugly and not pleasant to eat!
  9. hollyinportland

    Greening an Event

    Hey, How about NOT inviting those relatives that you don't know from across the country? That is how you really save the world.
  10. hollyinportland

    Greening an Event

    Hi, If you want a green event, DO NOT use disposables! Washing real dishes costs the environment way less. Commercial dishwashers will wash 50 plates with only 2 gallons of water. No waste, No travel to the landfill. Plus rentals actually will cost LESS!
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