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  1. brendastarshine

    Cooking meat at low temperature in the oven... no thanks!

    I recall seeing Muriel Humphrey   make a dish on Dinah Shore's daytime TV  show (  this was 40 years ago when Hubert H was vice president)...she  talked about going to a hundred  endless local political  eveinigs/dinners where they never really got a chance to eat, so she would put this in the...
  2. brendastarshine

    Latest Food Trend

    Just came aacross this 2001 post and replies, and  getting a giggle out of thre remakrs....the prediction...and what actually happened.  Thought I'd move it forward for everyone to  read.
  3. brendastarshine

    Shredded pork - Latino spin ??

     Looking back....  I  ended up making a dinner salad with the leftover pulled pork... Think I added a little cumin to it... piled it on  mostly  romaine.,  .surrounded it with black bean/pineapple/green pepper  salsa  .... served with a dressing  of  BBQ sauce, SW seasonings,  mayo.    Maybe...
  4. brendastarshine

    Cookbooks on Kindle?

    much as I love my  new kindle, I wish I had the new Nook Color, specifcally for cookbook &  magazine  pic  viewing!   Dangit!  Missed out by a coupl e months.  Amazon does not own the technology  for color and apparently it's not going to happen for a long time,  if ever.  As for keeping  it ...
  5. brendastarshine

    suggestions for main served with balsamic roast potatoes??

    (6) Crispy Cornish Hens - In each bird cavity put a clove  of garlic, tsp of  tarragon, and some S&P. .   Heat a  baste  of  3/4  c each white  wine,( I like white port) & melted butter, 1 TB tarragon.     Rub birds with garlic salt, roast in preheated 400 oven in a  flat, SHALLOW not...
  6. brendastarshine

    Ideas anyone?

    Pudding..... parfaits..frozen or not.....  frozen hot choc pie..  and ditto on malts/shakes
  7. brendastarshine

    Black Eye Peas - For luck

    Covering the bases for good luck - both   local  traditions  - here  in Great Lakes area its German ( pork & kraut) ,  and also  blackeyed pea salad for a southern spin. Making  Bigos, a  traditional Polish kraut stew crammed with beef, pork, kielbasa & mushrooms, will serve with cabbage and...
  8. brendastarshine

    How Line Cooks Communicate

    I used a  spiral  notebook -- classroom type---  to communicate to both servers and cooks, bartenders on a daily basis...anything I wanted them to  be aware of, problems,  group bitches and group kudos    This eliminated a great deal of shift-passing info that never got done.  Everyone who...
  9. brendastarshine

    Catering Noob

    Most "civic center" type places have multiple kitchens that are often not  in use and available for rental by the day. Check similarly for 'lodges'  ie Elks Eagles etc who might be interested in a little extra revenue, as do the churches.  Occasionally you may run across a non-chain hotel that...
  10. brendastarshine

    Fall Sandwich menu

    We cant keep Chicken Cordon Bleu subs in stock....Easy and pretty cheap...we use at 8: Frenhc roll, cut 3/4 way, spray it and char grill  it then put honey mustard dressing on one side and mayo on the other.  Use 2 flat-ish (cheap) chicken tenders, one slice deli ham cut in thirds ( to better...
  11. brendastarshine

    Shredded pork - Latino spin ??

    Hi -  I need some ideas about how I can use about 10 lbs of pork I've picked off  leftover ribs. They were baked, with peppers, no BBQ sauce, just seasoning ( used the Quincy Jones 'famous' recipe).  I  would like to use it next week for a vaguely Latino menu which already includes Margarita...
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