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  1. chefryan1533

    Mac Pro vs. Hiromoto G3

    I have been itching to buy a new knife Having a Mac Pro mighty 9.5 chefs knife, I know how wonderful these mac knives are. That being said I have been eyeing the hiromoto g3 line, having a hiromoto aogami super 120mm petty, i know the great value these knives are but I'm looking at buying...
  2. chefryan1533

    Looking to upgrade my cutlery arsenal....need some advice

    I am looking to purchase a new set of knives as I gradutated culinary school about a year ago and I feel its time to upgrade from sub-par school knives. So far I have been interested in Eberhard Shaaf, F. Dick, and K-Sabatier, all of which I would be buying the top of the line forged series. I...
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