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  1. jedvidlim

    freezing breaded chicken and fish

    hi, currently doing a menu for a bistro restaurant and i was wondering if it is okay to bread chicken and fish then freeze it? i used to work at a higher end restaurant in a hotel and with anything breaded we usually do it to order.  the reason for freezing the breaded chicken and fish is that...
  2. jedvidlim

    7th spanish gastronomy program

    Hi! anyone applying for the 7th spanish gastronomy program that starts this june? sponsored by ICEX.
  3. jedvidlim

    global g47 question

    hi, i am looking on buying a global g47.. stated on the website is that this knife is a sashimi knife.. i was wondering if this would also be okay for cutting large roasts or filleting steaks/tenderloin? would it damage the blade considering that this is a knife made for fish? or there isnt...
  4. jedvidlim

    lamb dish

    hi guys! i currently have with me thin slices of lamb, i was wondering what i could do with them (cook of course). i was thinking of rolling these up with mint, pecorino cheese, thyme, garlic and onions then baking them in the oven. has anyone tried this?  need suggestions on other ways to...
  5. jedvidlim

    hello, guy who would like a shift in career

    hi guys i am currently working as an engineer and would want to take up a full culinary course and would shift into cooking as a profession. i am currently 24 years old and is planning to enroll myself in a diploma course for culinary arts good for 2 years, next year. i know ive heard a lot of...
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