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  1. dobzre

    16 Year Old Chefs Irks me to no end. How dare I not understand the dynamics of the modern food world? Times are a changin! Get with it geezer! 
  2. dobzre

    Unleash Brown Sugar!

    Not being facetious, I'm starting to sneak a little bit of it into everything that calls for regular sugar! I'm from the south so I have a bit of experience with the dark stuff like molasses, and cane syrup. But brown sugar is so overlooked in other facets of baking, sans confections, and very...
  3. dobzre

    Molecular *cherry picking sources* Gastronomy

    Some of you may know the origins of so called "molecular gastronomy." Some REALLY smart people working for uber wealthy corporations devised "shortcuts" in the food production process to yield consistent results in the manufacturing process making things like quality of the product, origin and...
  4. dobzre

    The Delicate Balance Between Making it Look Good and It Actually Being Edible

    Are we cooking or selling coffee table books?
  5. dobzre

    Blatant Stealing / Copying Another Chefs Work.

    With all of the kerfuffle over who did what first in regards to the deep fried pastry, Cronut, Dosant, Fried Croissant etc. I am wondering what do others think of the practice of copying anothers work and using it to propel your establishment? Just the other day I came upon a restaurant in the...
  6. dobzre

    Need advice for employee...

    One of my employees has been getting anxiety attacks in the middle of service and he starts to screw up. Its an open kitchen and he's been with us since the very beginning. Don't want to can him as he's also a good kid. Thoughts?
  7. dobzre

    Round 2 of FIND THAT PLATE!

    Anybody know who makes these cups?
  8. dobzre

    Can anyone identify this plate?

  9. dobzre

    Identify This Plate

    Can anyone identify this type of plate?
  10. dobzre

    Whats with all the hype over Japanese knives?

    I happen to like my big heavy western style knives! Granted the blade is thinner than a western style knife, I notice chefs have little nicks and chips in their Japanese knives, and seem to perform no better than mine with things like sushi and more advanced techniques in Japanese cuisine, "cut...
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