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    Has Anyone Ever Seen This Guy Before?

    Anyone who gets people interested in doing something new in the kitchen is good - but - if you are going to get people to try deep frying you need to show how to do it safely.
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    Safe to eat Frozen, 1.5 year old, Ground Bison (Vacuum sealed from costco)

    Freezer temperatures prevent microbial growth. I think the coldest that any microbe will grow is minus 15 Celsius or plus 5 Fahrenheit. If it was safe to eat when you put it in the freezer, it should still be safe now.
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    Cake flour is low protein, is generally ground finer than bread flour or all purpose, and is often bleached with chlorine gas which weakens the gluten and makes the flour very white. Bread flour is high in protein, usually unbleached and often contains ascorbic acid as an additive to...
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    Please help chocolate chip cookies

    I would say that you would be better off leaving out the baking soda. There is not enough acidity in the recipe to react with a teaspoon full of baking soda (sodium bi-carbonate) and when the cookies are heated the bicarbonate is converted into sodium carbonate which has an unpleasant metallic...
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