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  1. someday

    approaching landlord about covid closure

    If you are current on your rent and the space is in good shape, why wouldn't you get your deposit back? Aren't you entitled to that money as long as there isn't damage to the unit? Why are you waiting until the end of July to close? Why not just close now/as soon as you've gone through current...
  2. someday


    They have a milder garlic taste than the bulbs. I usually slice them very thin and add to dishes that way, similar to how you would slice garlic thin and sweat. Sometimes they can be a bit woody and unpleasant to eat (especially if cut later in the life cycle), but if they are harvested properly...
  3. someday

    A little question about the brand of sandwich

    Gaskets are pretty easy to replace and a common maintenance for lowboys and sandwich units anyways. I’ve never had issues with rails failing or anything, I imagine proper maintenance and cleaning will mitigate a lot of that. I’ve had lots of doors on lowboys fail for various reasons over the...
  4. someday


    I'm waiting for the punchline.... ...something something why ice thawed....cross the road....
  5. someday

    Noodles fell down....

    I think this is performance art Noodles fell in sink Can I just rinse them all off? Scared of e.coli
  6. someday

    Name of sticky stuff that forms when beating sausage meat

    Myosin is the correct term I agree with phatch. When you mix the sausage after grinding it develops the characteristic “sticky” texture we look for
  7. someday

    Full Buildout...

    Apologies, I think I misunderstood, I thought you were being hired to consult on a new buildout for a business. That all sounds exciting, what type of restaurant concept are you thinking of doing?
  8. someday

    Full Buildout...

    Please don't take this as snark but how are you supposed to consult on something you appear to know very little about? If you don't have the foggiest about build outs you are likely to find yourself quickly in over your head. Are you meant to be the chef after it's done? I'm confused.
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    What? J.Q. salt is nice....I wasn't aware they sold nigari as well, I might have to get some. nigari is mainly used for making tofu, but I think people sometimes use it to make like a fresh farmer's style cheese as well. I have no idea what your first sentence was supposed to say...
  10. someday

    Minor cheese rant

    Feel free to start a discussion about non-Euro cheeses if you're inclined. The forums are not super healthy right now so some discussions about that could liven the place up. I would posit the main reasons cheese discussion is "eurocentric" is because (aside from relatively small amounts of...
  11. someday

    Minor cheese rant

    The structure of goat's milk changes very similarly to how the structure of cow's milk changes during cheesemaking...I'm a little confused by your point. There is a great variety of goat cheese to be found. It runs the gamut between fresh and lightly aged (which I think you're referring to) to...
  12. someday

    Minor cheese rant

    The flavor profile isn't hugely different, but the cheese is noticeably richer and creamier. Buffalo milk burrata is also stunning.
  13. someday

    Minor cheese rant

    I think it's pretty simple, up until fairly recent times (at least in the US) there weren't a lot of options at all for cheese in general. Probably the only goat cheese you could find would be the fresh chevre, so "we" got used to just calling it goat cheese, because yes, at that time there...
  14. someday

    What are alternative cuts for bbq?

    Try goat or lamb. You'd have to be careful with the goat since not very fatty, but slow cooked goat is delicious. I've often wondered why we don't consume more goat in this country. Lamb could be amazing as well, but I imagine buying it would be pricey. Honestly too, things like a whole...
  15. someday

    Taking a bollocking

    My tip to dealing with that is to find a better job. No need to put up with that shit. Make sure you tell the chef why you're leaving too.
  16. someday

    Renting your restaurant to another chef when closed?

    Wow, you guys have no imagination. I think we all know that in order to progress and thrive, the industry as a whole has to undergo some long term, systemic changes. Already thin to begin with, margins are getting squeezed more and more, food prices are going up, competition is absurd, dearth...
  17. someday

    Renting your restaurant to another chef when closed?

    It's an interesting idea to be sure. I wonder if the "room mate" idea of a restaurant could actually work. There would be a lot of challenges to be sure, but the idea of lowering the monetary hurdle of opening a place is appealing. I feel like there would be a lot of complaining and finger...
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    Unpin/delete Black Friday post

    Thanks, it's been bugging me since November
  19. someday

    Unpin/delete Black Friday post

    For me it's stickied in the Food and Cooking forum at the top.
  20. someday

    Unpin/delete Black Friday post

    Maybe time to unpin the Thanksgiving 2019 Black Friday sponsored post?
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