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    Cooking during Covid

    If you reread my post I never mention any politics in it at all. I'm simply saying that calling any discussion about non whites "racist" kind of defeats the whole purpose of open discussion to fix actual racism. Racism and stereotypes are two completely different things and get mixed together a...
  2. Seoul Food

    Cooking during Covid

    In reference to the racism claim, I will quote Inigo Montoya, "I do not think it means what you think it means." He made two statements that while may "hurt someone's feelings" aren't racist just because they involve a minority. I don't think not wanting to miss work because you can't afford to...
  3. Seoul Food

    approaching landlord about covid closure

    If you are paid up to your current date then they will just take the security deposit for any remaining missing payments. If the security deposit is being forfeited for another reason you could try to pro rate your rent there by the days instead of the whole month to save a few bucks. But I...
  4. Seoul Food

    When your distributor misses your delivery ....

    I would drop them as well, unacceptable. I've had great reps that drove several hours to get me my stuff.
  5. Seoul Food

    Im trying to identify this kettle as far as date and brand. It was my great great grandmothers, so its at least late 1800’s area.

    How do you season a cast iron kettle to prevent rust from all the water always going through it?
  6. Seoul Food

    What is your preferred swag????

    Coffee cup with a large handle, none of that stuff that you can only stuff two fingers in the loop. I also think a key chain/lanyard would be nice.
  7. Seoul Food

    I have been terminated since last year but still working?

    Can't they just check your previous tax returns?
  8. Seoul Food

    I have been terminated since last year but still working?

    What the heck? lol is this some way for corporations to get extra money during Covid or something? I'm not sure how they can say you are not an employee while still maintaining you as one. I would be concerned, especially if you receive any benefits based off of length of employment or such.
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    Someone told me I need to "peel" these?
  10. Seoul Food


    So I received some garlic from a friend and when I looked into the bag it looked like a bunch of really long green beans. I had to look these up because I have never seen them before and they are something called garlic scapes. Has anyone had any experience using and cooking these? I'm assuming...
  11. Seoul Food

    Sam the Cooking Guy, Part Deux! Knife Connoisseurs Must Watch!

    Makes me think of The Fountainhead lol
  12. Seoul Food

    Sam the Cooking Guy, Part Deux! Knife Connoisseurs Must Watch!

    It's the Tiger King phenomenon Such a train wreck you can't look away. *drags knife across whetstone three times* "It didn't do anything." *Tests knife sharpness by cutting into fingernail* Come on, I know that if someone took the time to show him the vertical/standing method for the steels...
  13. Seoul Food

    Sam the Cooking Guy, Part Deux! Knife Connoisseurs Must Watch!

    Well right off the bat he tells people dull knives aren't dangerous. It's not that a dull knife is going to chop your finger off, it's that you end up using so much more force to cut things that if it does slip you are going to hurt yourself much worse.
  14. Seoul Food

    convection toaster oven

    There were a few posts about this on the forum somewhere, search "convection" at the top and it will bring you a list of some topics.
  15. Seoul Food

    Has Anyone Ever Seen This Guy Before?

    He'd probably lose some of his popularity if he actually became trained. I would suspect some of his charm is the bumbling fool persona.
  16. Seoul Food

    28 YR OLD Chef experiencing burnout, job expects too much, looking for alternative and some insight? (CALLING ALL CHEFS)

    Not to sound negative but what you are doing is basically what executive chefs do all across the country. It's more uncommon to have a exec who just does paperwork and team management. That being said if it is not what you agreed upon in your hiring contract then yes, it is time to renegotiate...
  17. Seoul Food

    Has Anyone Ever Seen This Guy Before?

    Food network has been doing exactly that for years with their cooking shows. The result is bittersweet, an increase in exposure and interest for the industry but we also get flooded with people like this in cooking schools and restaurants.
  18. Seoul Food


    Not sure what you mean air thawed and ice thawed? If you have frozen chicken and want to thaw it out the best practice would be to store it in a cooler in a proper location to thaw out. If you need it sooner run it under cold water.
  19. Seoul Food

    First Time Banquet Event for Birthday Party

    OP said it was for June 27th, so tomorrow. ;)
  20. Seoul Food

    help me copy a sushi sauce please

    What is the flavor profile?
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