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    Best Griddle/Flat Top for high volume.

    It's the largest size we can fit in our tight kitchen serving 350 seats with high turnover, so it's full all the time. We gotta work with what space we have, you know. So, just asking if anyone knows a brand in which they have had the least amount of issues with.
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    Best Griddle/Flat Top for high volume.

    Hi guys. I'm about to purchase a 24" Heavy Duty Griddle/Flat Top. I'm currently looking at a Garland. Anybody currently using one, and how has it performed/lasted? Any feedback on other brands is appreciated. Southbend, Vulcan, Magikitch'n, etc.
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    herbs to apple shortcake

    Even a splash of Cognac or Cointreau would go nice with the apple/rosemary.
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