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  1. cheeserules

    Facing selecting a good cutting board. Chop onions and garlic daily. Have found bamboo retains odors

    Have used wood, plastic, bamboo and now masonite. Wonder what most people prefer.
  2. cheeserules

    Charring peppers to remove the skin.

    Was watching a daytime cooking show the other day and one of the chefs said you can't char them on an electric stove top. Been doing it for years. I just lay an inexpensive cake drying rack on the eye of the stove, turn it on nigh and let 'er rip. Pitch them in a plastic bag for 5 minutes. I...
  3. cheeserules

    seasoning a new iron pan ???

    I've used a CI frying pan since 1972. It browns more evenly, seals meats well. I bake no knead bread in it,and use it to mash, squash and flatten things. I have an instant hot water faucet that lets loose 190 degree water. It softens anything stuck to it and is as easy as bacon grease and an...
  4. cheeserules

    seasoning a new iron pan ???

    Am an older cook and inherited several cast iron skillets. I once taught biol. chem. and a bit of science. Fat is a small molecule and the saturated animal,fats hold up well to the heat. My grandmother just saved bacon grease, strained it and seasoned it in a low oven. Sorry about the above...
  5. cheeserules

    Wild Black Chantrelles

    My sister is able to collect black chantrelles in the forest behind her house and would love some suggestions on the best way to use them in recipes. Thanks.
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