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  1. icanburnanythin

    Chicken Fear, Fried chicken and just bone in Chicken in general

    sorry may be a tad bit long My nemesis in the cooking world is bone in chicken. Got sick from undercooked chicken when i was younger and i really never recovered mentally. It was so bad that i banned bone in chicken from my home kitchen for over 15+ years for the most part. The bone in chicken...
  2. icanburnanythin

    Figuring out your own cuisine.. who you are as a cook/chef?

    Been out of the game for years, but ive been back at it for a minute now. I still have the same question i left with many moons ago. who am i as a cook? what is my cuisine... what inspires me... idk, i really dont. my culinary program i never finished was classical french. worked in bland...
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