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  1. icanburnanythin

    Completely burnt out

    GL.. I feel the same way. Just with a shittier view. I've come to hate my job, the ppl I work with suck. BUT I still like cooking I guess. It's what I do. I'll do it until I can't. 6 more months and I'm leaving this gig. I'm basically giving them a year. But I suck too. The system we all fall...
  2. icanburnanythin

    Who I saw your favourite chef?

    colonel sanders
  3. icanburnanythin

    specials specials specials !!!

    i luv the approach. while i dont do 100% of the specials.. i do several a week.. but head chef doesnt help. it requires me to take my work home and develop something before bringing it in.. i basically develop 1-3 new dishes a week at home and will rotate one/two of my older ones on the menu...
  4. icanburnanythin

    Searing Scallops

    i forgot.. i do it so i dont have to remember but still remember.. helps when working with multiple pans.. at least for me
  5. icanburnanythin

    Searing Scallops

    i like to load a pan clockwise or viceversa outside in with various things.. scallops being one.. juss so i know.. habit i guess.. does it matter.. yes and no i guess..
  6. icanburnanythin

    Tattoos in the kitchen

    business have a right to project whatever image they want.. my place refuses to hire ppl with tattoos for the foh.. boh is fine though.. cause we dont see the public.. head chef does.. but i wouldnt know if he has any or not.. his sleeves are always down..
  7. icanburnanythin

    Books on Flavor

    the only book i have on flavor is the flavor bible.. wouldnt be what youre specifically looking for, but still a good book imo...
  8. icanburnanythin

    Need New Kitchen SHOES! Any Recommendations?

    i recently bought a unknown pair of black with white soles shoes from some asians at a flea market. they cost 15 bucks.. they are the most comfortable shoes ive ever worn. speaking on sneaker terms.. they beat my nike airmax all day long.. even as comfortable as they were, i took it up a notch...
  9. icanburnanythin

    Chicken Fear, Fried chicken and just bone in Chicken in general

    a week and a bit of severe cramps.. peeing out me rear and vomiting... dehydration.. having to get ivs... thats my hate of chicken..
  10. icanburnanythin

    Chicken Fear, Fried chicken and just bone in Chicken in general

    i wont eat it at work, ill think about it though. thanks for the roast chix recipe. thats how we made them in school. i remember cooking them but i also remember not eating them. ill just add more chix to our grocery list at home. normally we eat a lot of beef, lamb and fish on my days off...
  11. icanburnanythin

    Chicken Fear, Fried chicken and just bone in Chicken in general

    never soaked chicken for more than 30 minutes.. i generally cut it thin.. overcook and hit it with a powerful sauce at home.. i didnt realize it got that soft. i have a lot to learn and relearn with chicken.
  12. icanburnanythin

    Chicken Fear, Fried chicken and just bone in Chicken in general

    sorry may be a tad bit long My nemesis in the cooking world is bone in chicken. Got sick from undercooked chicken when i was younger and i really never recovered mentally. It was so bad that i banned bone in chicken from my home kitchen for over 15+ years for the most part. The bone in chicken...
  13. icanburnanythin

    Managing Anxiety/Depression in the Industry

    ive tried melatonin, does nothing for me. ive had sleep issues since a head to concrete incident as a kid. the only thing that has worked for me as an adult were specific strains of weed. but at times it didnt work, its just been the best numbers game of them all.. some weed gets me hyper etc...
  14. icanburnanythin

    Managing Anxiety/Depression in the Industry

    i hear ya.. same issues.. i drink daily.. moreso to help me sleep.. but i cant sleep regardless... i would smoke weed at night if it were legal here. thats my main issue.. sleep deprivation screws up my mental outlook for sure... my body doesnt recover physically... then mentally.....the world...
  15. icanburnanythin

    Life as a new line cook

    flash cards, cheat sheets, notebooks are all great tools to use.. great advice if you want it, you just gotta do the extra work to better yourself.. that means working at home (studying the menu and cooking if u need to polish up some things) and coming in off the clock if need be.. keep...
  16. icanburnanythin

    Life as a new line cook

    make them at home first.. and often... very very small portion sizes so youre not making 20-30 large plates.. unless you have 20-30 friends to cook for.. well thats what works for me, since im a visual learner.. cookng at home shouldnt be forgotten.. im constantly tinkering and developing...
  17. icanburnanythin

    Figuring out your own cuisine.. who you are as a cook/chef?

    Been out of the game for years, but ive been back at it for a minute now. I still have the same question i left with many moons ago. who am i as a cook? what is my cuisine... what inspires me... idk, i really dont. my culinary program i never finished was classical french. worked in bland...
  18. icanburnanythin

    No BS advice on becoming a professional cook

    hours vary depending on position and food service type..  and how well you work..  if i were you id bother a chef on your days off as a machinist and try to get some part time kitchen work to fill those days..  i mean what are you willing to do to get a foot in the door? wash dishes for who...
  19. icanburnanythin

    What separates a good chef from a great chef?

    use to dealing with it.. sure i doesnt make it any easier though.. doing this in my late teens to early 20s is very different than my very late 30s for sure. my body just doesnt recover like it once did.  if i didnt get off on the chaos and pressure.. id leave for sure.  if i ever get...
  20. icanburnanythin

    What separates a good chef from a great chef?

    my lower back and feet disagree.. 
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