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  1. rat

    I talked a priest into giving me the recipe for Holy Water

    Put a gallon of water on the stove and boil the HELL out of it, bwahahahaha
  2. rat

    What hobbies do any of you have??

    Part of keeping me from the loony bin is having a hobby that is not food related, I have an old Pontiac convertible 455 that I restored over the last few decades. Its a good way to blow off steam after a long week.
  3. rat

    Food is making me sick.

    I work as a pastry chef in a private kitchen and lately ive been getting grossed/nauseated out by the sight and smell of food, to the point where it is making me sick. This is no reflection of quality or sanitation, the food here is top notch and the kitchen is clean and sanitary. Its just the...
  4. rat

    dough divider rounder suggestions?? about to pull the trigger on a machine.

    Making alot of rolls and buns lately, chef has approved in the budget for us to get a dough divider/rounder. I would like to get one with up to a 4.5 oz capacity with a 30 or 36 portion cut. It takes alot of time to scale the dinner rolls and sandwich buns every day by hand.   Ive worked with...
  5. rat

    Weird situation, what to doo..

    Working in a kitchen, very nice and I like it. We hired a new female prep cook who is very good and has skills. Problem is after the shift she comes into the locker room with the guys and just strips down and changes like a marine. Now this has caused some comment especially since full frontal...
  6. rat

    purging clams, lets stop the madness

    Got into a heated discussion with my chef about purging clams and thought I would post my thoughts and look for yours. Here the chef purges the clams overnight in water and cornmeal, the clams rapidly die and we have to use them quickly. Me, as a hobby have had saltwater reef aquariums for...
  7. rat

    The best Italian rolls evah!!!

    So I went to the local Italian bakery to get some rolls, they make the best rolls I ever had, perfect! everyone. Today I met the owner and asked him about the rolls, he tells me "The rolls, they are a family secret and we have been using the same recipe for close to 100 years now. Bruno the...
  8. rat

    I need to get out!!

    Well, i've been at my current job for a year+ now and things are really starting to fall apart. I was hired to run the bakery and pastry shop which I pretty much do. I keep to myself, do my job and go home. My problem is the owners are starting to lose it, one runs the front and the other runs...
  9. rat

    The weirdest experience you have had in the industry?

    I ran into a waiter from long ago in my career and we got to talking. We remembered one instance where a family would come to brunch every week. One guest in that party, a dughter of the family in her 20's was pretty sick/anorexic looking. She would only order a bowl of crushed ice to eat...
  10. rat

    JB prince crown molds large.

    I have 100+ of these would like 3 dollars each.  I used these for molten chocolate cakes and individual desserts. They are used but not bent up or dented, good quality, Fine detail in heavy aluminum for unique 3" diameter x 2-1/2" high (6 oz), large crown Price does not include shipping for...
  11. rat

    How to deal with crazy owner.

    Well after losing my last job of 10 years due to the bad economy I found a new one, Everything I wanted, local sustainable, ecologically committed with a focus on the community and ecofriendly practices. I have been there for a few months and so far I feel as I am doing a good job. Here is  my...
  12. rat

    made the cut, I don't know how I feel about the new job.

    Started a new job a few months ago man it is cut-throat. The chef I started with got fired out of the blue because someone else better applied. Then that new chef guy got fired because he did not agree with the owners on some things. He was good too, Rainbow room vet, Charlie Palmers, Seegers...
  13. rat

    Ghost Chili peppers and kitichen pandemonium

    Well, my wife's dad brought back so called King Cobra peppers for us from Thailand, I later ID'd those as the Ghost chili peppers or -Bhut Jolokia at least they looked identical, and we managed to grow some out at the house this summer. I brought one to work for the chef who wanted some of the...
  14. rat

    Have a new baker in the family

    We had a blast making brownies today, the kid is koo-koo for cooking. Anyone else bake with their kids??
  15. rat

    How not to get a job in my shop

    I am always continually amazed at applications I get. Currently I am looking to hire a bakers apprentice/helper for our artisan bread program. Today I got one from a recent culinary school graduate. The FIRST sentence of the cover letter read " Being a recent culinary school of &^%$##%%...
  16. rat

    viruses here

    I keep getting the ubiqitious "your computer is infected, download this antivirus" virus here. Am I the only one??
  17. rat

    Croissant debate

    I posted about croissants earlier but was wondering how many folds you all use in your recipe? Or to be more precise how many layers of butter to you try to achieve? I am usually at 128 layers, reading up on the matter earlier do you think this may be too many layers?  I see many recipes...
  18. rat


    Just  a quick question when baking croissant what causes them to collapse in the very center during the bake? We are scaling them at @ 140  grams each. Proofing at 80- 85 degrees until doubled. The boss insist we bake them at 400 f' 8 minutes then finish at 325 for another 17. He is the boss so...
  19. rat

    nigerian cake scammers

    almost got taken by this one, beware chefs. i have a post in the pro chefs forum with their letter.
  20. rat

    nigerian cake scamers

    got this fom the boss, a nice order but the wording of the letter sounds just like the nigerian check scams. Do you thinnk this is on the up and up?? I'm a little concerned about this one. Hello , thanks for the swift reply to my order request, and for your concern as well,  I want you to know...
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