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  1. richjonesy

    Cook off advice

    So I’ve passed the first stage for a new job as head chef in a garden centre (don’t judge me) where I’ll be overlooking three kitchens if successful. The second stage is a cook off. I have to produce a dish that can be served within 8 minutes, which is easy for me to do. And a dish which can...
  2. richjonesy

    Another which knife thread. Bread and Paring

    I know I know, but this is what this part of the forum is for, so, I'm after a bread knife and a new paring knife. The bread knife first, I'm considering either a Mac Pro or an inexpensive Victorinox one. Up until now I've mainly used either an unbranded (and awful) blade or a Vic pastry...
  3. richjonesy

    Dick brand sharpener.

    Just had an electric dick sharpener brought for the kitchen by the bosses, It's the 150 model shown here I am really reluctant to use it. I carry a mixed roll of knifes, various ones...
  4. richjonesy

    Any UK chefs on here

    And where abouts here are you based?
  5. richjonesy

    Dick Vs Mac

    Hi, first post here but always followed the boards so thanks guys. Looking for some help. Starting a new job next week and treating myself to a new chefs knife. Always had 2, a quite weighty shorter Sabatier which has been ruined over the years from sharpening and a longer Victorinox which...
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