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  1. welldonechef

    Swearing in the professional kitchen, Yes or No?

    If you have been in any professional kitchen, chances are you have heard a few f-bombs dropped here and there. Today I throw the question at you: Do you allow swearing in your kitchen? I admit it, I have a mouth like a trucker. I get wrapped up in what I am doing, and sometimes I just let my...
  2. welldonechef

    My 2015 reader Survey

    Hey all there out in ChefTalk land! I have recently created a survey for chefs and culinary professionals, and I was wondering if you would take a couple minutes out of your busy day to complete it. I know we are all super busy, but it is something that I am trying to get off the ground, to...
  3. welldonechef

    Instant Read Thermometers

    Hello there everyone! I am in the market to get a new instant read thermometer, and I'm looking for some feedback. I was looking at this one: It's a bit expensive, but it looks a lot more rugged than the ones that I've been breaking. What thermometers do you all have? I am looking for any...
  4. welldonechef

    Italian Style Cuisine For a Newly Diagnosed Diabetic

    Chef Batali - First, let me tell you that you were an inspiration to me when I went to culinary school, and ultimately apprenticed back in the late '90s. I absolutely loved watching Molto Mario, and how you cooked and taught your guests on the show. I have embraced the philosophy of Italian...
  5. welldonechef

    Trim Waste vs Cost on Plate

    I have a Chef de Cusine who is arguing with me over whether I should calculate rotten beef trim as waste. His idea is that the beef is already calculated in cost on the plate... so it should be free. I am saying that usable trim is not calculated against the plate, as it is usable. Also, if...
  6. welldonechef

    Pizza Madness/Therapy week has begun

    Chefs - I have a long week of posting about pizza on my blog. I would love to know: Your tips on pizza making What you put on your pizza
  7. welldonechef

    Well Done! Chef!

    I would like to take a minute to introduce myself to everyone here. I am Jason Sandeman, AKA the WellDoneChef. I have been cooking for as long as I can remember, I started getting paid to do it when I was 13. Almost 20 years later, I am still at it. I love cooking, and writing, so I also...
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