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    Mashahiro Gyuto?

    Thanks @benuser !
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    Mashahiro Gyuto?

    Thank you, @benuser. I am a little concerned about Masahiro's durability. I need a kitchen workhorse that is an excellent long term investment. Given Masahiro's brittle composition, do you think the edge or tip is more susceptible to breakage during daily use? Also, except going through bones...
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    Mashahiro Gyuto?

    Hi, am looking for an all-round knife (~210mm) that does most of my kitchen jobs. After reviewing all the threads, I am leaning towards a Gyuto. My criteria is a durable knife that will hold it's sharpness, wouldn't chip off on the edges, and is easy to take care of. Price range < $150. I am...
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    Best everyday use knife, preferably Santoku

    Hi, I am looking for recommendations to buy one fantastic knife that does 95% of kitchen jobs. Currently, I own a complete block of J. A. Henckels that I purchased at a local store 15 years ago. Of the entire block, I use the Santoku for 95% of cooking jobs and the pairing knife for the rest...
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