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  1. george1992

    Hello Everyone, beginner, live in England wanting to pursue my dream in Italy!

    Hello everyone,  I'm George 24 from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK.  I currently work in Medical Sales but I would love to follow my true passion and take my first steps into the amazing work of cuisine....  My dream would be to move to Italy, rent a spot and just work in a kitchen learning...
  2. george1992

    Live in England, Would love to move to Italy and learn to be a chef! No professional experience/qual

    Hello,  I'm 24 and living in England. I currently work full time in Medical sales, I love my job and the money and benefits are fantastic.... however this is just not my passion. My passion is and always has been in food and cooking. Fortunately I have been in a position to save some money and...
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