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    a' Point

    ya thats my bad, did the conversion from 160 incorrectly
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    I need help pairing pork and cheese for a pizza idea

    brandy cream even without apple will come off as sweet so id choose a salty/strong cheese like feta or blue, sliced red onions would pair nicely as an additional topping, if your looking for something to brown all over consider using a hard cheese like Asiago or Romano and use a potato peeler on...
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    spiralizing vegatables

    ive seen it done as garnish here and there but as you said it doesnt hold up long, so its not really practical professionally if the product is light like zucchini add it at the last second or just pour the sauce over the delicate cut just before service and let the heat of the sauce do the cooking
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    a' Point

    A Point – a French term used to describe food cooked just to the point of perfect doneness. is a stupid thing to have in a text book, cook your chicken to an internal temp of 160 degrees Fahrenheit to kill salmonella not sure where metric system sets the death of salmonella at 41 or 42 71.1?
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    Honestly, what keeps you in the industry?

    i tried a 9-5 "regular" job, ive never been more unenthusiastic about going to work, no pressure, no problems to fix, nothing creative to do, just sitting at a desk for hours doing boring computer stuff that as a chef we never really have time for but still manage to get it done. i was bored...
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    Fat loss in a paté de campagne

    its possible that some of that fat is congealed jus, if you are removing it consider heating the removed "fat" and then skimming it to separate any jus from the fat and you can then use it as a glaze or with some added stock and gelatin ( if nessassary) return it to the terrine and refill the...
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    Keep Mac from over thicking while hot holding.

    i suspect this, based on that ingredient list that sauce would be more likely to separate on a steam table than to reduce, consider just heating a 1/6th pan of the sauce and hold it and then toss sauce with reheated preportioned pasta to order
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    Reusing food from a buffet line

    iirc if the foods are held properly ( time and temp and proper storage containers) and there is a sneeze guard then Legally things can be reused as long as the reheated foods have documentation that they were previously cooled from 135f-41f within 2 hours and then reheated the entire item must...
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    Removing Ice from Freezer Floor

    having grown up in a cold weather area where my driveway would freeze regularly, my first move would have been salt, but that alcohol idea is pretty good not sure which costs more though
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    So let's talk about wing sauces!

    im forever a standard buffalo sauce guy for wings, though just to toss out some ideas peanut satay style sriracha teriyaki garlic butter honey mustard tzatziki like the Aji sauce mentioned above i wouldn't use it as a coating but a side dipping sauce
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    Rate of pay west coast

    ya what meez said is about right, most places in socal are using or for job posting, though, for now, most of those jobs can also be found on craigslist too
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    How to deal with paper work when you have to cook too?

    7 cooks plus a sous and a chef and you and the chef are doing 60% of the work but there is barely any work to be done, something smells funky. like someone is restricting work hours to take advantage of salary employees
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    Could I become a young chef?

    get a job as a dishwasher, you will know real quick if working in a kitchen is something you want to do
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    advice after surgery

    reminds me, i had a coworker she was always asking me to pick stuff up for here and carry things, after about 1 1/2 days of this i finally said WTF why cant you do it? and she told me she was pregnant and i was then jumping at the chance to help her. everybody knows you were out hurt and...
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    Docking Salary Circumstances in Which the Employer May Make Deductions from Pay Deductions from pay are permissible when an exempt employee: is absent from work for one or more full days for personal reasons other than sickness or disability; for absences of...
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    my apprentice wants to move on :(

    if it was her here asking if she should stay or go to another kitchen , then for a young talent i always say go, dont burn the bridge but go. leaving the business is different story though she will learn more in the next 4 years working in 4 different jobs than she would working for you for 4...
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    Not burning the garlic on the line

    i will always remember my first chef in the most sarcastic way possible reminding me that a burner has more options than HIGH and OFF
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