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  1. sweetrub

    Dick Vs Mac

    Might I suggest, if you are spending around $100 on a new blade, really upgrading your kit and going for a Japanese knife. Check this link out and I guarantee you can find smething that suits you well but, offers much more value...
  2. sweetrub

    Should I run away or toward?

    There's some great advice in this thread. I waited a good five years of working in kitchens before going to culinary school, and I'm really glad that I waited. I feel like I got the best possible education because of it. Going into school with some experience under your belt can really help you...
  3. sweetrub

    Help! Fine Dining vs Hospital Chefs

    There's a lot to gain from the hospital gig that can really help your future growth depending on how you play your cards. Put in your time there, get some work/life balance and when the time is right and you qualify, get your CDM certification. That will open all kinds of doors for you in the...
  4. sweetrub


    That's a pretty ridiculous statement. So, my whole future and tenure is at the 'whim' of a restaurant owner? The owner is usually the very LAST person I'm getting a title from. Owners throw titles around like 2 year olds throw tantrums. Many times just to pacify an employee who starts getting...
  5. sweetrub

    What separates a good chef from a great chef?

    A good chef can cook his ass off..... A great chef can cook his ass off AND manage to turn a profit for his restaurant while doing it.
  6. sweetrub

    Buying Advice Japanese Chef Knife

    It's funny...over the years, I completely got away from my German knives and have built a collection of around 30 or so Japanese knives. To me, they are far superior. There are few places in the world that could really give the Germans a run for their money but, the Japanese certainly have. I...
  7. sweetrub


    A chef is just a 'chief' that runs all aspects of a kitchen and its crew. No different than a captain of a ship. A side note: Rarely have I ever met someone who had to constantly remind 'others' they were a chef. It was always the 'others' reminding me. The title chef is something that is earned...
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