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  1. chefappleby

    What separates a good chef from a great chef?

    By far and away, IMO, it's how you treat people. And I mean EVERYBODY. A know it all Cook/Chef who makes world class food will get his or her glory no doubt, but a person who has the respect of the crew I feel counts for more. That mean you jump in anywhere needed, dishes, prep, cleaning, you...
  2. chefappleby

    What's in your kniferoll?

    Wusthof is the greatest knife ever concieved by mankind.
  3. chefappleby

    What's in your kniferoll?

    Knives: Chef, Oyster, Boning/Filet, Bread, Cleaver, Pairing, Carving Large and small melon ballers, Peeler, Tomato Shark, Mandolin Blades, High top spats, slotted spoons, fish Turner, 2 instant read digital thermos, scale, kitchen shears, kitchen string, conversion chart, cut glove, phone...
  4. chefappleby

    advice for a young sous chef

    I would offer this as my 2 cents. I was moved up to Sous Chef of a 3.8 million dollar place after being a Sacier for 5 short months. The number one thing that helped me was that i knew every single detail, ingredient, allergy, plate set, timing, etc of every dish in the place, and second: i was...
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