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  1. bohemiankitchenseattle

    Cost for 100

    Finger foods are the bane of my existence. I'd charge her the $1500, ;). Seriously though, if it's a "friend" give her a 10-15% discount. If its a good friend... $200 seems fair enough... taco bar is pretty straight forward. My friends ask me to cater smallish parties all the time... they never...
  2. bohemiankitchenseattle

    Salad for a crowd

    Catering newbie here! I agree with all of the sage advice above. I also love subbing regular lettuce for cabbage in salads that I want to hold up longer. I love a mix of savoy, green and red cabbages. A go to for me is a salad I make with chunky shredded chicken, cranberries, scallion, radishes...
  3. bohemiankitchenseattle

    Breakfast for 70

    Thanks for the warm welcome, Mimi!
  4. bohemiankitchenseattle

    Breakfast for 70

    Probably a little late to the party here, but I just catered a 30 person weekend event (breakfast/lunch/dinner) a few weekends ago and the overnight oats/muesli style porridge with fruit and nuts surprised me by being a huge hit (in my mind, it was kind of like the "extra rolls in case we run...
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