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  1. missmeganmouse

    How to Get a Pastry Cook Job with Limited Experience?

    Ive just completed a professional Culinary program in Vancouver BC. Ive known since high school that all I want to do when I grow up is make Delicious deserts however I went to culinary school any way because I felt like cooking offers more career opportunities in my particular area. I'm...
  2. missmeganmouse

    A cook at my old job said to me as a joke "the city is going to eat you alive." Its just killing me

    I’ve moved to Vancouver to pursue the dream Ive had since as long as I remeber, getting out of chilliwack and becoming something bigger. That “something better” has changed over the years. if you asked me 10 years ago I wanted to be an actress, five years ago I wanted to be a screen writer...
  3. missmeganmouse

    Best way to break into pastry?

    I'm working as a cook right now in my home town and I am about to move to the city. so Ive been looking for a job, I'm going to culinary/Pastry school this September and I'm hoping to work in pastry after its all over. Basically what I'm wondering is do bakeries hire newbies? Should I just wait...
  4. missmeganmouse

    Does any one know of a place to apprentice/take classes doing Sugar work

     Ive always wanted to do it and I don't think they teach it at the school in going to in September. I really want to get out of Canada anyway for a few years so traveling Isnt a big deal to me. anybody know anything? 
  5. missmeganmouse

    Are wostof's a waste of money

    HeyI'm a line cook and I start culinary school in the fallI have to buy a knife set and I started a wostof clasic setI have a nine inch chef knife and a basic paring knifea know it all first cook that I worked with for all of two weekstold me I just threw my money away before I finish my setI...
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