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  1. cakerookie

    Merry Christmas ChefTalk!!!!

    Just in case I do not get back around here for another year just want to wish everyone here at ChefTalk a Merry Christmas have not been here for a while. Happy Holidays Rook
  2. cakerookie

    Happy 4th Everyone

    Hope everyone here as a safe and happy 4th. Regards Rook....
  3. cakerookie

    Poison Pet Food Recall

    Hi everybody. If you have a dog or cat you better check this out it may concern your pet. Seems some bad dog and cat food as been produced.
  4. cakerookie

    7 Pounds Sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alright I found this pastillage recipe thats calling for 7 pounds of powdered sugar! Come everyone I know there is one out there that has a lot less powdered sugar than that. Like maybe 2 to 4 pounds I can live with. I am doing a dry run on something and do not want to waste that much powdered...
  5. cakerookie

    Chinese vs Korean?

    Hi, as you are well aware these foods use a lot of heat in their dishes such as peppers and other ingredients. I am a big fan of this type food. What wines would you suggest for dishes of this type? Is there a wine that would sort of temper the heat but not take away the kick? Rgds Rook
  6. cakerookie

    Adding alcohol to Chocolate?

    Whens the best time to add alcohol to tempered chocolate? I am using a clear rum, Bacardi. Thanks Rgds Rook
  7. cakerookie

    Alternative to Marble in Chocolate?

    Is there an alternative to using marble for cooling chocolate when you spread it?I have searched high and low for marble and cannot find a piece and need an alternative besides marble and granite. Thanks Rook
  8. cakerookie

    If you do pulled sugar read this!

    Found this article while surfing thought it was rather interesting: Rgds Rook
  9. cakerookie

    Happy Thanksgiving Cheftalk!

    Hi everyone old Rook here wishing you and yours a very Happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Rgds Rook
  10. cakerookie

    Adapted From???

    I have recently seen recipes that say adapted from. Exactly what does "adapted from" mean? Does it mean the recipe has been altered as far text so that it differs from the authors literary expression? Just curious. Rgds Rook
  11. cakerookie

    How to determine how long they will last...

    OK all you recipe creators out there one simple question for ya. When you create a recipe say for instance pastry creme how do you determine how long the finished product will last? I am working on a pastry creme formula but unsure how to determine how long the product will last. Any help...
  12. cakerookie

    My first NY Style Cheesecake!!!

    This was my first attempt at a NY style cheesecake and I have to say it turned out fanastic. The taste and texture was creamy and almost melted in your mouth. I took 4 pics but the other 2 I had to trash to blurry but check it out. Nicko if this eats up to much bandwidth feel free to remove...
  13. cakerookie

    Water Baths???

    I have been researching cheesecakes for the last couple of days and what my question is "why do some recipes state a water bath and some do not?" I have made creme brulees in waterbaths which is no problem just curious as to why some state a waterbath for cheesecake and others don't. Cheesecake...
  14. cakerookie

    A Question of Copyright?

    I found this on one of those early morning excursions surfing the web and thought that it was an interesting take on copyright about recipes and what is or is not allowed to be published. I would like to get those of you who are published authors or food writers to take a look at the blog and...
  15. cakerookie

    Caramel Sauce Question

    After adding the sugar, water, and corn syrup and bringing it to the correct temperature in this case 234 - 240F, at what point do you add the cream? I use to remember but I forgot. Rgds Rook
  16. cakerookie

    Did I do wrong?

    About a month and a half ago I took a part time position at a local grocery retailer in their bakery. I told them tonight it would be my last week there they seemed shocked. I made the decision after realizing I was just not learning anything from there. I regret taking the position now, but I...
  17. cakerookie

    Labor Day Bash Dessert Ideas!

    OK everyone that helped me with that 4th of July bash give me some tips here. The food will be served inside in an air conditioned room this is a Labor party but I really do not know what to include in it. Any help appreciated. Be feeding about 120 people. Would like to limit the dessert...
  18. cakerookie

    2006 Amoretti World Pastry Championship

    Does anyone know who won what at this years event I cannot find anything on it. Any help appreciated. Thanks. Rgds Rook
  19. cakerookie

    What is soft PVC?

    You know I should really know what this is since I do so much sugar work and I have read references to it in books but just what is it and where do you get it? Is it a molding material? Any help? Rgds Rook
  20. cakerookie

    My Version of the Stork!

    My version of Ewalds blown sugar stork from one of his books not exactly Ewald material but its a start. Did not have any black paint and I tried to paint the eye with yellow a painter I am not. Comments,suggestions give em too me folks! [/IMG]
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