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    Combi oven for home use

    Just checked - from the wall to the tip of the handle adds upp to 71 cm. The handle is 7 cm deep so 64 cm from the wall to the oven front. Its a lot, the wall mount tubing is 4 cm thick and there is an additional 4.5 cm air between the mount and the oven. But all that is necessary to make room...
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    Combi oven for home use

    Agree with Ben Feng. After almost a year of use, the oven performs great! Easy to use, great results and easy to maintain and keep clean. For a large household and for a few special tasks, one might want to get a conventional convection oven as well. Before buying a Rational XS one should...
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    Tormek T-2 pro kitchen knife sharpener - first impressions

    This is a beautiful machine. Works almost out of the box, only a coupe of things need to be attached. The sharpening wheel is diamond (dont know the grit) and the honing wheel is some kind of rubber. The gadget is fool proof, I could use it confidetly directly after unpacking. It took me maybe...
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    Tormek T-2 pro kitchen knife sharpener
  5. Our kitchen

    Our kitchen

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    Combi oven for home use

    I use pretty simple mid-range stuff. As many others, I have quite a few Globals even if knife aficionados often hate them. Easy to sharpen, many different designs (i like the boning knife and the long flexible salmon knife) and feel nice if you grip down on the blade with thumb and index finger...
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    Combi oven for home use

    No idea - what happens if you are logged in to Cheftalk and click the link ?
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    Combi oven for home use

    Here is a photo from yesterday morning, just started to prepare a number of small veggie dishes: Asparagus in the oven, artichokes and glazed onions on the stove, fennel in the sous-vide bath :) We had to struggle a little to fit everything in, placing the combi oven next to the fridge isn't...
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    Combi oven for home use

    Thanks, an amazing amount of info in there! I thought it just was the user manual but there is a great deal about cooking as well...
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    Combi oven for home use

    We are very satisfied so far but it's a bit early for a full review. The oven is large and more noisy than a consumer oven, but this is so far the only drawback. I can only compare with Miele and to some extent with Electrolux and I find the user interface more logical on the Rational and the...
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    Lightweight mixer (mostly for cookie doughs)

    A very silent but sturdy 5 quart mixer is the Varimixer V5 Teddy, the smallest in a series of professional mixers. I'ts available in the US, weighs 40lb and costs about 1200USD. I have it for home use only and haven't used it long enough to review properly but its as silent as advertized...
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    Combi oven for home use

    Absolutely, and sometimes the pro-looking consumer stuff is pricier! This is a pro pre-rinse, we will just try to shorten the stand and hose. (The sink is bigger than it looks, still partly covered with plastic.) We have no ambition to make the kitchen look professional, we only focus on the...
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    Combi oven for home use

    We'll have green cabinet doors, wooden shelves and all kinds of cuddly things. And the rinse contraption may have to go, its a bit too big unfortunately. So it will look like any normal home kitchen (but with a combi oven, three sinks, double dishwashers, boiling water tap, siphons, sous vide...
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    Combi oven for home use

    Sorry for the delay, I dont know yet... Our building project is a bit late. The XS and its Ultravent have been hanging on the wall for weeks. Transporting and installing the U-shaped 5 meters+ long steel bench proved to be a challenge ;-) We are finally connecting the oven electrically tomorrow...
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    Combi oven for home use

    So, how did you decide? We got our XS last week and its pretty big for a home kitchen. And yes, we got an Ultravent hood to go with it :-) The 61 must be huge! Also, the 61 requires a 11kW power feed...
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    Dualit Toasters

    I have an old classic and quite like the feature that the timer and lift lever are separated - there is no automatic pop-up, the bread stays warm until you lift it. The Newgen has a feature that allows you to activate slots 1-4 individually, sounds useful.
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    Fissler pressure cooker

    I have the 8 litre Vitavit Premium and love it! I use it mostly for stock. Its very easy to handle, great quality feel and appears to be safe. Don't know what the big difference is, the Vitaquick may be a little harder to disassemble for rigorous cleaning.
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    Combi oven for home use

    These things are costly to repair. If the 2nd hand or ex-demo doesn't come with a warranty, you may end up in trouble. Once working after transport & installation, I understand it most likely will work forever if used in a home/light setting. My XS for home use is scheduled to arrive in two...
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    Blast chiller with or without core temp. probe?

    I am new to blast chillers and have only used them a couple of times in amateur cooking classes. Now I think about getting one for home (a small one, say 3x GN2/3) and dont know if I should get one without or with core temperature probe (pricier). I can afford the probe but is it that useful...
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    Is there any reason NOT to buy a Rational XS combi oven for home use?

    Thanks! I will order the oven with a matching Ultravent.... This will be one ugly kitchen ;-)
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