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  1. cakerookie

    Ewald Notter, Seattle

    Old Ewald still at it huh. Thats good he was always my favorite in the day.
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  3. cakerookie

    "The Professional Pastry Chef"

    Even better than the first one you won't be disappointed.
  4. cakerookie

    What is a good French cookbook, with authentic recipes?

    Appreciate the correction there Chef........I did misspell it.
  5. cakerookie

    What is a good French cookbook, with authentic recipes?

    No doubt Julia Childs....might checkout Jacques Pepins as well...The French Laundry maybe another one you could checkout...James Patterson is another author of French cookbooks...
  6. cakerookie

    Tyler Florence? Good or bad?

    I think hes a good chef. Of course I would say that considering hes from Greenville South Carolina only 35 miles from me.........
  7. cakerookie

    Word Play

    Love that #1 there.
  8. cakerookie

    Emeril at Food Network

    Thats good I like it too, just not as good as the original Japanese version.
  9. cakerookie

    Emeril at Food Network

    You got a remote? Iron Chef America in no way compares to the Japanese version of the show.
  10. cakerookie

    Need 2 cookbooks - 1 for chinese and 1 for noodles

    Like pHatch said Martin Yans books are good. Also try checking out some of the later Iron Chef books the original show not the US version. You can most likely find some on E-Bay.
  11. cakerookie

    Cookie Press

    There is one but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of it. (the company that is.)
  12. cakerookie

    A Rachael Ray Confession

    Odd. Never met her. But she did not strike me as that type person. Guess it goes to show you never really know someone till you actually meet them.
  13. cakerookie

    Merry Christmas ChefTalk!!!!

    Just in case I do not get back around here for another year just want to wish everyone here at ChefTalk a Merry Christmas have not been here for a while. Happy Holidays Rook
  14. cakerookie

    Emeril at Food Network

    Are you serious?
  15. cakerookie

    The Complete Pepin: Techniques and Recipes DVD

    Yeah Jacques Pepins is real educational I like him....
  16. cakerookie

    Happy Birthday, Jim!

    Happy Birthday Jim..... Regards Rook!
  17. cakerookie

    general or pastry

    Cannot hurt to cross train. You can get the basics of both and then hone your skills once you get into the real nuts and bolts. Just my two cents for what its worth....
  18. cakerookie

    Iron Chef Leaving?

    It would be a shame to see either leave really. I suspect Morimoto most likely but thats just a hunch.
  19. cakerookie

    Happy Birthday Cakerookie

    Thanks all appreciate it. I am doing ok Ch.
  20. cakerookie

    Need ideas for garnish for pumpkin cheesecake ...

    Pans idea of the marzipan is good it will hold up well in the heat. The logo idea works too. Hi ya Pan. Its been a while bud....
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