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  2. johnny drama

    Kitchen Hats, Caps, Bandana's ect....

    As long as it's not a humongous sombrero, any kind of headgear will do for me. I usually will rotate between a skull cap and a bandana. I agree with the bill of the baseball cap getting in the way.
  3. johnny drama

    Favorite Cooking Quote

    Ahh, classic Jerry Seinfeld...
  4. johnny drama

    Cold smoking

    I do a lot of cold smoking, especially in the fall/winter seasons. My favorite food to cold smoke is pork chops. I use applewood chips in the smoke box and apple cider in the water pan. The combination of both infuses the chops with an intense apple flavor.
  5. johnny drama

    Viking or Wolf? Range-top or Drop-in? Residential

    I own a 48" Viking range and will upgrade to a 60" in a few months. Not because mine is a P.O.S. but rather I love their products. I wish I have horror stories to tell, but mine has not given me any problems since owning it for 4 years. Prior to that, I owned a 36" dual fuel which also performed...
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