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  1. jowocook

    Leftover baked potatoes

    Any ideas what to do with leftover baked potatoes beside making potato soup or fried potato skins?? Thanks.
  2. jowocook

    Sauce for surf&turf

    Hey everyone, going to make short ribs and lobster agnolotti, surf & turf. I need some suggestions what kind of sauce that goes well with this dish, one killer sauce, lol! Thanks
  3. jowocook

    Want to make the best chili recipe.

    We are going to the chili cook off contest this fall, as a head cook, I have never done it before. I hope I can learn from whoever been in it. I know we can not use any kind of beans, for filler. Just wondering if anybody knows any ingredients to replace it, I would welcome anybody for any magic...
  4. jowocook

    Looking for a basic for food cost formula

    Hi guys, first of all, I am not a Chef just the main cook at sport bar. I never go to any culinary school, I'd love to maybe someday if I have some money. Well, the owner asked me recently if I can do something with the food cost, I wonder if you guys can show me how to calculate food cost, just...
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