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  1. richjonesy

    Hello from UK

    Uk to. Where about s are you?
  2. richjonesy

    Savory pie help.. British chefs?

    No ones asked for a British chef or opinion.
  3. richjonesy

    Savory pie help.. British chefs?

    One thing we did in a pub I worked once was to individually blind bake a ton of shortcrust pie cases then these had like a week shelf life on them. Then in service we’d heat the filling and drop it in, place a puff pastry lid on it, eggwash and cook it for about 15 mins. Looked pretty good to be...
  4. richjonesy

    Cook off advice

    Thanks for the posts guys but the cook off has just been cancelled :( Instead the development chef will (hopefully) be enjoying lunch in the restaurant where I work already and judging me on that. As long as I know which table he is on it should be all good as I’ll be cooking dishes I know...
  5. richjonesy

    Cook off advice

    So I’ve passed the first stage for a new job as head chef in a garden centre (don’t judge me) where I’ll be overlooking three kitchens if successful. The second stage is a cook off. I have to produce a dish that can be served within 8 minutes, which is easy for me to do. And a dish which can...
  6. richjonesy

    Using Deba to Fillet Flat Fish?

    Always used a filleting knife myself
  7. richjonesy

    F.Dick Red Spirit Knives

    Them knifes all look very similar. I know there are differences but I can’t help but feel you’d be better off buying a chefs knife, paring, slicing and filleting individually and not shopping by brand. Check out they are one if few stockists of Mac knifes over here and they get a huge...
  8. richjonesy

    Dick brand sharpener.

    I much preferred my original title. I mean has anyone ever actually sharpened their......?
  9. richjonesy

    Dick brand sharpener.

    Yeah that's my fear. I think I'll stick to the old fashioned way of sharpening for now and leave it to the chefs who don't care as much for their knives.
  10. richjonesy

    Another which knife thread. Bread and Paring

    Thanks, I really like the look of the Tojiro. Struggling to find one in the U.K. Though.
  11. richjonesy

    Another which knife thread. Bread and Paring

    I know I know, but this is what this part of the forum is for, so, I'm after a bread knife and a new paring knife. The bread knife first, I'm considering either a Mac Pro or an inexpensive Victorinox one. Up until now I've mainly used either an unbranded (and awful) blade or a Vic pastry...
  12. richjonesy

    Dick brand sharpener.

    Thanks, I don't have to use it I suppose but it's there so I'm curious now. I may wait for someone else to break it in first. We have a load of Vic chef knifes brought for us to so I may stick to one of them t it's blunt then use that as a practice knife. And don't worry, kilt free here.
  13. richjonesy

    Old knife Identification

    If you look at the full picture, then without the handle, it does look a lot like the old Sabatiers yes. To me anyway ha.
  14. richjonesy

    Dick brand sharpener.

    Just had an electric dick sharpener brought for the kitchen by the bosses, It's the 150 model shown here I am really reluctant to use it. I carry a mixed roll of knifes, various ones...
  15. richjonesy

    herbs to apple shortcake

    Try candied apple blossom as a garnish to.
  16. richjonesy

    Dick Vs Mac

    Update. Plumped for the Mac 8" knife in the end. Decided on more manoeuvrability and thenolave I'm at has about 8 Victorinox 10" blades knocking round. All looked after to be fair and for the bigger jobs they're ok. The Mac though. Wow. Want more of them now. Haven't sharpened it yet only had...
  17. richjonesy

    It Never Gets Old.

    That chicken sandwich was meant to be a chicken breast chef. I know they take 20-25 minutes, but please hurry it up.
  18. richjonesy

    Any UK chefs on here

    And where abouts here are you based?
  19. richjonesy

    Making a list of frustrations for owner of restaurant?

    I wouldn't give him the list but I'd pick a few things and say 'can we do this' or 'that' and see how it goes down. Last thing you want is to lose your job or pushed out at least until you have something else to go to. Perhaps askmif you can make the chilli next time as a starting point? It is...
  20. richjonesy

    Dick Vs Mac

    Thanks for the insight! My next dilemma is do I go for the 8 or 10 inch blade. I was going to get the 8 inch but after some thought think I will go for the 10 because I don't want to regret not buying the bigger blade. I have in my roll a 7 inch Wusthof Santoku knife so don't see the point now...
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