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  1. hotsawce

    Where to Learn Professional Menu Item Pickups

    I work in a restaurant that produces a very specific type of food and would like to expand my knowledge. However, I don't necessarily have the time or money to stage at other places. I'm sure we're all aware, how you would cook a chicken, or clams on the half shell, or other items for your...
  2. hotsawce

    Quick Pickups for Starters in a Hot Oven!

    Hey All, I am going to be making pizza in a very hot oven (700+ degrees) and would like to pickup some hot appetizers, quickly, in the same oven, ideally 5 to 7 minutes or less. One item I'm considering is dry rubbed, whole chicken wings. I've worked in places that par bake for about 30...
  3. hotsawce

    Quick Starter Pickups for Hot Oven

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