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  1. schuster

    Hypothetical food safety and ethics question

    We were extremely busy for a Sunday today. The servers were in the weeds despite the fact that the kitchen was running smoothly. Usually an order is picked up within a minute of being put up. Today the servers ran long, in a few cases as long as 3 or 4 minutes. All of this may or may not be...
  2. schuster

    The wine palette with food

    I've never had a palette for wine. I can taste subtle nuances in beer and spirits and appreciate them greatly. Wine just doesn't do it for me. I don't hate it, but it's not at the top of my list. There are tons of dishes with wine to them though, and I wonder if I'm missing something. Does...
  3. schuster

    What keeps you going?

    Five days a week I go to work and dice a pint of shallots, a gallons worth of tomatoes, a cups worth of basil, etc etc... Then I go and cook the same 10 dishes I cook every day in varying quantities, with the occasional special order. It gets old after a while. I love to cook, it's a release...
  4. schuster

    First time sharpener, can a knife be too bad to practice?

    I've never used stones to sharpen my knives but I'm going to start. Obviously I want to practice first before I take my Global chef's to the stone. I've read an exhaustive amount on this forum and many other places. They all suggest practicing on a knife that you aren't too worried about...
  5. schuster

    Culinary school for someone with experience?

    I didn't go to culinary school, I went to school for physics and decided afterwards I wanted to cook for a living. I've been working in the food service industry since I was 14 with various breaks, but only over the past two years have I studied and tried to understand as much as I can. In...
  6. schuster

    A welcome post that covers entirely too much

    Hi. Welcome posts are always little fun, for both the reader and the poster. I've been frequenting various internet forums since the days of BBS's, so I'll offer the cliff notes and the whole story. I'm sure any of my fellow chefs can appreciate the brevity option if they so desire. Cliff...
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