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  1. willtherebefood

    Southern Fried Chicken

    loguy, You could contact the restaurant and ask how they made the fried chicken. They might share the recipe. Also the magazine Bon Appétit has a column called R.S.V.P. , where they obtain recipes from restaurants that readers request. So they might be able to find out the secret to the fried...
  2. willtherebefood

    A sandwich stand at a local college?

    Foodie Mama, If you like to bake why not offer to sell baked goods to local cafés or small restaurants that buy their baked treats rather than make them in-house. I am sure there are legal hurdles but why not do what you love.
  3. willtherebefood

    A sandwich stand at a local college?

    I would talk to the college first before worrying about anything else. Most, if not all, colleges have contracts with food service companies like Sodexo. These contracts give the food service company the exclusive right to sell food on campus. I am a college professor and all colleges I have...
  4. willtherebefood


    Wow, they both look yummy. The class must be paying off!! :)). I'd rather bake. Baking is more challenging, to me. So many things can go wrong, but when it works out, it feels so good. Plus I like baking better because I have a sweet tooth.
  5. willtherebefood

    Honey-Mustard Dipping Sauce

    Does anyone have a recipe for Honey-Mustard Dipping Sauce suitable for chicken?
  6. willtherebefood

    Need help using up ingredients....

    Ricotta tart? Not sure if that is better than ice cream!! :(. Bread pudding or breakfast strata. Maybe ricotta gnocchi. You could make a large batch of crepes and freeze them.
  7. willtherebefood

    Homemade Riccota

    I have a recipe for making ricotta that use milk and heavy cream as well as salt and vinegar. I don't have any heavy cream on hand, but I do have light cream. Do you think I could make a creamy, tasety ricotta using light cream? I know light cream has half as much fat as heavy cream, so I am...
  8. willtherebefood

    Potato Starch versa Rice Flour

    Is the potato starch being used as a thickener?  If so you could use rice flour.  But rice flour is a weak thickener compared to potato starch so I think you'd need more rice flour than the amount of potato starch called for in the recipe maybe up to three times as much. 
  9. willtherebefood

    Apple Crisp

    I have heard of precooking pie filling but not precooking crisp filling. I thought the reason for precooking the pie filling was to evaporate moisture from the fruit so the bottom pie crust does not get soggy. But soggy crust would not be a problem with a crisp. If you pick a good cooking apple...
  10. willtherebefood


    Devin, you might find The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion book helpful. At the end of the book they have an extensive discussion of the types of flours and there uses. You can probably find the book at you local library.
  11. willtherebefood

    Cookbook on Food of Spain

    I would like to learn more about Spanish cooking. What would be the first cookbook to buy?
  12. willtherebefood

    Bread books

    Nick Malgieri's Bread may be what you are looking for. He has some explanation of ingredients and techniques but tries not to overwhelm since he says learning to bake bread should not be like studying for a biochemistry exam. I bought the book recently so I have only tried a few recipes but what...
  13. willtherebefood

    What is the best book on desserts/cakes/puddings there is?

    I agree that Bo Friberg's The Professional Pastry Chef is the best comprehensive dessert book. True the yields are daunting: I don't need to bake eighty cookies or six loaves of bread at once. But I find scaling down worth it since all the desserts I have tried have been scrumptious. I find...
  14. willtherebefood

    Books dealing with French REGIONAL cooking

    Paul Bocuse published a book called Bocuse's Regional French Cooking.  It is out of print, but you can find used copies online.  Bocuse does not include all the regions of France, but several are surveyed.  The cooking is straightforward, without a lot of fuss.  Many, if not most, of the recipes...
  15. willtherebefood

    Removing rust from blue steel crepe pan.

    I just noticed a rust spot on the inside of my de Buyer blue steel crepe pan.  I guess there was a spot that I did not dry properly.   How do I remove the spot of rust? 
  16. willtherebefood

    what is the worst thing a server can do to make you mad?

    I'll give you the abbreviated list. :) 1.  Not refilling drinks. 2.  Staff that spend twenty minutes chatting with a table of their friends; take a break to dump my food on my table, and then go back to chatting with their pals without seeing if I need anything.  3.  Waiting twenty minutes to...
  17. willtherebefood

    Substitute for frommage frais.

    What would be a suitable substitute for frommage frais?  This would be for a fish gratin so cheese has to hold up to heat. 
  18. willtherebefood

    Book Recommendations for a Solid Foundation

    I looking for recommendations of books the will help me to build a solid culinary foundation. My favorite cuisines are French and Italian.  I am a fairly good cook, and I have a lot of recipe books.  But what I'd like to learn more about is the theory of cooking:  the why behind things.  I want...
  19. willtherebefood

    Your Favorite Kitchen Smell

    The smell of bread baking is number one.  Second is the smell of warm spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. 
  20. willtherebefood

    Does anyone REALLY wash veggies with soap? Or is it just my compulsive husband?

    I have to say, the thought of using soap never occurred to me.  I'd be worried about the food absorbing some of the soapy water.  So in an attempt to get rid of one harmful substance your husband is probably introducing another.  The best way to avoid pesticides is to buy organic, buy from local...
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