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  1. foodpump

    Cleaning wood cutting board

    Your going to have to remove a layer of wood, either by sanding, scraping, or planing. Easiest thing to do is find someone with a thickness planer and have them remove 1/32- 1/16” from each side, you’ll have to hand sand the juice grooves though Sanding the entire surface works too, but it is...
  2. foodpump

    Cutting Boards: End-Grain vs. Edge-Grain

    Yes, the nylon boards are the easiest to clean and sanitize. As a cook all my life and a hobby woodworker all my life, I still use nylon boards in my home kitchen and at work. Water is the worst enemy of any and all wood cutting boards, and it is primarily with water we sanitize the cutting...
  3. foodpump

    Chocolate mousse, the art of

    Next time try using room temp or even warm egg yolks. Again, chocolate doesn’t like water, Again, if you add warm chocolate to cold ingredients you will get humidity and resulting seizing or clumping. A lot of recipies include making a sabayon of the yolks, sugar, and alcohol, folding the...
  4. foodpump

    Chocolate mousse, the art of

    Chocolate doesn’t like to mixed with water,and Grappa, which is 40% alcohol, is also 60% water. If you want to keep the Grappa, add in a little butter into the warm chocolate before. The cocoa won’t alter the consistency, but it will make the mousse more gritty. If you want to boost the...
  5. foodpump

    Keeping your restaurant and staff during the global crisis

    Gentlemen, if I may interrupt this with “stuff” that is happening “up north” Ie Canada. Mandatory testing found one “corrections officer” ( jail guard) positive, that jail is bracing for the sh*t storm that will come. Suffice to say the prison hospital won’t be able to handle that kind of an...
  6. foodpump

    COVID19 Keeping Customers Safe

    You mean shelteredbug’s statement? Well yeah, but his/her pattern on the phone thread was to make a comment that offers no advice, written without punctuation, and leaving us guessing if he/she intentionally spelled things that way or didn’t bother to review what spellchecker did, and has not...
  7. foodpump

    COVID19 Keeping Customers Safe

    Can you expand on this statement? To the best of my knowledge ”tripping” would a psychedelic experience, ie an acid trip. If this is so, please elaborate . It’s not the virus anyone’s worried about, it’s the Gov’ts response to the virus, and if you have any experience or foresight, you will...
  8. foodpump

    COVID19 Keeping Customers Safe

    Stimulus package..... I don’t understand.... right now the stimulus is focused on shutting down airports, shutting down large gatherings like sporting events, concerts, trade shows, etc, and, I’m guessing in the-not-to-near future, large campuses and schools. Gawd help the hotels and...
  9. foodpump

    COVID19 Keeping Customers Safe

    Well.... just got laid off today, as well as most of the other staff. Even those in key positions are down to 3-4 hrs/day. Saw it coming, all week the cancellations kept coming in, the clipboards are all full of red x’s. heard most of the hotels are down to 28-30% occupancy too. Money wise...
  10. foodpump

    CIA or JWU

    Here are a couple of things to consider, and I really think you should discuss these points with your parents 1) Most employers don’t really care about the culinary school you graduated from. What they really care about is how much related work experience you have and your interpersonal skills...
  11. foodpump

    Any suggestions for used commercial muffin tins?

    A lot of bakeries still use a glazing service. This is a company that takes your baking molds and applies/reapplies a nonstick glaze. Since this glaze is foodsafe, it wears fairly quickly—more so if the items have a lot of sugar in them. In any case, I’ve had great success buying used muffin...
  12. foodpump

    Transporting pans in Cambro

    Look, this thread started when someone asked how to pack a cambro so it doesn’t leak. I gave advice as did others. You, however did not offer any advice but you commented anyway. Are we done now?
  13. foodpump

    Cheesecake in silicone half-domes

    Never had this problem. This is what I use: 100% cream cheese 50% eggs 50% sour cream 10% sugar, or less I’ve baked dry, and I’ve baked in water baths, not much of a difference. I let them cool down, then freeze right in the molds. When solid, pop them out.
  14. foodpump

    Transporting pans in Cambro

    Uh, shelteredbug? There’s a lot of people reading this thread, and they see right through your responses. Maybe in a few years if you re-read this thread you will too.
  15. foodpump

    Ergonomics in the Professional Kitchen

    Look, I work in a kitchen owned by a very cheap owner. Today I made ciabatta loaves20 kg flour, 14kg water, a little yeast, and some salt. It all goes in a mixer, and when it’s been mixed, it goes on a table. The mixing bowl weighs 15 kg, the dough weighs 34 kgs. I need another person to...
  16. foodpump

    Transporting pans in Cambro

    Oh please, shelteredbugg, just, please.... First off, all the bungee cords in the world are useless if you are transporting on a steel floor of a van. What works best, and what the majority of the caterers use is heavy 1/2” ( 12mm) thick rubber mats, these are invariably made of recycled...
  17. foodpump

    Transporting pans in Cambro

    Mmmm... two holes to let the steam out, eh? I don’t want to be one un latching that Cambro on-site... Both sheltered bug and Thomas Fontaine think that all the onus is on the catering driver; any incident with spilled soup is the catering drivers fault. This is fantasy, it’s just not...
  18. foodpump

    Transporting pans in Cambro

    For soups/liquids in 1/2 size deep pans: Wrap “ over and under” so the entire pan is enveloped in film, Remember the golden rule: cling film is like lawyers, it won’t stick to anything other than itself. Now put a S/S lid on the pan and wrap one more time. This might seem wasteful, but...
  19. foodpump

    Bowl adapters for Hobart mixers

    Hobart does offer adapter rings specific to the mixer and the size of bowl. So for say a 40qt mixer there is a specific ring for the standard Hobart 20 qt bowl. The hook/paddle/ whisk are also specific, they will fit on the 40 qt shaft , but not on a 20 qt. mixer. Both the rings and the...
  20. foodpump

    Phone rights...

    Mmmm... last year y.t. had this stupid video about “great phone hacks”, the click bait /thumbnail depicted a cartoon drawing of a woman seated at the toilet staring at her phone which was nestled in her, ummm, underwear that was pulled down around her ankles.
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