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  1. scott lambert

    Mac and Cheese

    Sound advice. Thanks a bunch!!!
  2. scott lambert

    Mac and Cheese

    So I'm a self taught Bbq and Cajun guy that does maybe 6-12 gigs a year and has done so for around 10 years. Everything I know I learned pretty much from trial and error, reading, watching videos and asking questions. Here is a problem I've had that I can't figure out. Whenever I make mac and...
  3. scott lambert

    Transporting pans in Cambro

    Awesome! Thanks for the advice!
  4. scott lambert

    Transporting pans in Cambro

    Currently when I haul hotel pans of hot food in Cambros, I use a layer of parchment and then a layer of heavy duty foil to wrap. Sometimes when I get to the gig, some liquids have spilled a bit. Other than "wrap it tighter" anyone have advice on how to prevent spills in the box? Thanks.
  5. scott lambert

    Mac and Cheese help.

    I do some part time catering...around half a dozen jobs a year. Im having trouble keeping mac and cheese loose and creamy. I have been boiling the mac, pouring a canned cheddar sauce over it and then holding in the Cambro until service. When uncovering for service, I notice it has kind of set...
  6. scott lambert

    Disintegrating Tin Foil

    Hey folks. Not a full time caterer but a side project that I love. I do BBQ and Cajun. I wondered if anyone can help me with this problem. A lot of times I will store things in the hotel pans covered in tin foil in the smoker using it as my warmer. Ive read that acidic, or salty foods can...
  7. scott lambert

    Help with King Cake bursting (with pic)!

    Hey all! Ill start off by saying I am not a baker at all. I do cater cajun food and one of the things I like to make for people is the King Cake. Once my dough is rolled out, I fill with a cream cheese filling with sugar and cinnamon. I roll up the dough and try my best to pinch the seams shut...
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