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    Old Books

    For all  cooks . I have a few real old cookbooks I am looking to They date back to the 60s  Guide Culinaire  Escoffier)  Modern French Culinary Art  H PPallapratt American Culinary art A Forester Catering Handbook My Email [email protected]
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    Do the schools still teach consomme making? and if so, name 5 kinds or garnishes. Don't look at book now.
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    With so  many people concerned with sustainable products and the enviorment.  Plus 2 or 3 companies working on vaious processes. How do you feel about consumming man made meat and poultry???
  4. chefedb

    An Introduction

    Welcome aboard.
  5. chefedb

    Already Prepared or Made From Scratch??

    Where I work part time, is a prestegious country club in Boca, Florida. We tried an experiment. We have a 95 % jewish clientel. Naturally they are all Mavens on chopped liver.       They were buying commercial chopped chicken liver already made in  5 pound pails We decided to make our own ...
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    To all you Bar B Q Lovers BEWARE

    TYSON FOODS just recalled 136000 pounds of their QUALITY Generic Chopped Meat because  of E-Coli contamination. The fact that it was even distributed says a lot. Families have already reported being made sick. By now it has been all distributed or consummed as it is a recall.   Love that...
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    Living here in Florida thre are articles I read everyday regarding fish. Yesterday in our local paper I read some new ones.. 86 % of the fish in USA is imported, a lot of it from farms outside USA not subject to any local inspection .Less then 2 % of the total fish imported is inspected by the...
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    Just read an article I think everyone should heed. It is regarding canned soda and beer.  A woman was admitted to a hospital out west suffering from what seemed to be a stomach ailment. Th ER team worked hard to try and stabilize her but could not ,she died from what was a deadly toxic...
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    I recently met and had conversations with some nice students of a well known culinary school. I expressed some of my thoughts to them and not only they, but most of the other students they know feel the same.    The externship programs in reality are a slight rip-off . You are paying the...
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    Best place to find professional kitchen equipment like saute pans, etc.

    In a restaurant supply store. Or go on line to Edward
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    New Restaurant Stats.

    According to Nielsen Research here are some. There has been  DECLINE in number of restaurants 4628 units to be exact. Total sales figures are DOWN second yar in a row off nearly 10 billion from a year ago.and nationally sales have fallen on a per unit basis by almost $10,000 per  place. New...
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    Help with Prices and food cost

    With the cost of all  raw and processed food goods if anyone on the sight has any ideas on purchasing products cheaper or saving $ in  food handling. Things to look out for etc. I am sure everyone else would be interested. Why not jot them down and posting them for all to share.
  13. chefedb

    Truffles Black Gold and Science

    God bless science. For years the elusive truffle has been priced so high that a lot of places have totally stopped useing them. Now science has come up with the answer. The answer is sexual. Truffles are male and female. They grow seperate.and sparce. Science now is trying to bring them...
  14. chefedb

    Frozen(Glazed) Fish Filets

    Friday I purchased a 3 pound package of IQF Sole filets. I set them in fridge to thaw in a bowl raised up as I did not want them sitting in water.  I wanted to bread them. Sunday AM I took them out of fridge and the bowl was almost filled with water. Having a curious nature I decided to weigh...
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    Dont't Worry, Our Seafood is Safe?????Government Say's

    This is what the article in my local paper says. That all the seafood tested near the oil spill is ALMOST OK. The FDA and USDA tested 1735 samples and only found less the 1% contamination. Well to me thats scary. That only 1735 samples out of millions of pounds of seafood was tested. The...
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    Cruising In Todays Oceans

    Just returned from 10 day cruise to Panama Canal. The only thing I will discuss here is food as this is a food oriented site. I have been on 10 to 12 cruises . Two of them on the old cruise lines(over 20 years ago) The experience has really changed. It still is unlimited food and 10 meals if you...
  17. chefedb

    More on our FDA-USDA and eggs Lord help us

    Thought it interesting that neither have found a solution to where the Salmonella outbreak started in the eggs that were sent to market and made a lot of folks sick a month or so ago. The farms were both filthy as reported by the inspections prior and after but source could not be found..And...
  18. chefedb

    HELL"S KITCHEN The contestants are really from hell

    Last night I watched the seasons first episode. I really pity Ramsay that his producers gave him this batch of clowns to work with, It truly saddens me when I watch the future of the industry  running around like this, without a clue. One got sick and went home right away, she was lucky. I know...
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    Flavor and Air Enhanced Food

    The other day we talked about flavor enhanced poultry. It is now also being done with some cuts of meat. Keep in mind this is a far cry from marinating. In some cases it is done under forced pressure. Aside from adding 18 to 25% by weight (so you are buying water) it also adds to the sodium...
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