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  1. kokopuffs

    Heaven on Earth

    Hey Junior, when's the last time you tasted a real taco. Well here goes. Fry some choriso in lard along with some minced jalapenos, habaneros, mexican oregano and ACCENT. Alongside of the meat, fry corn tortillas in lard as well. Combine and add diced tomatos, mexican (aka Ceylon) cinnamon...
  2. kokopuffs

    Not receiving notifications on my threads and messages to me

    How do I fix this issue and I've clicked the boxes underneath my posts? Also my spam filter is not the issue.
  3. kokopuffs

    Pecan pralines using aluminum cookware

    SAVEUR MAGAZINE, I just received its twenty-fifth anniversary edition and it features a recipe for pecan pralines. Is there some reason that stainless was selected for cookin up a batch? Is there some reason that I could not or should not use an aluminum pan for cooking the recipe? Is the recipe...
  4. kokopuffs

    Le Chocolat Marta from Switzerland

    A few years ago my sister gave to me said product from Switzerland but it appears, from their website, next to impossible to get or sent to the U.S. I'd be grateful if someone could provide some assistance in my getting a bag of this powder.
  5. kokopuffs

    Need ham holder

    I possess a Spanish Serrano aged ham and need a ham holder for slicing like these. Can anyone recommend something that they've used?
  6. kokopuffs

    It's really good to be back

    Ever since mid-May 2016 when I purchased a 1972 Triumph TR6R Tiger motorcycle to be rebuilt, baking chez Koko took a back seat. Well, with the bike up and running on the first kick after two-and-a-half-years of wrenching (my father a former U.S. Navy diesel mechanic), I'M THRU WITH WRENCHING...
  7. kokopuffs

    Glazing on (bread) baking pans

    I just purchased two 8x4 inch glazed bread pans. What purpose does glazing serve? Is it a replacement for oiling/greasing and flouring the bread pan?
  8. kokopuffs

    Need recommendation for bouillion cube

    In Marcella Hazan's Essentials of Italian Cooking, on page 349 with the recipe entitled Rabbit with Rosemary and White Wine, the recipe calls for one single bouillon cube. And the recipe uses 2 TBS tomato paste with some dry white wine and water. Would that ingredient be a beef or a chicken...
  9. kokopuffs

    Where do I go to change the time stamp??????????

    It seems that the time stamp on my recent postings is wrong.
  10. kokopuffs


    It just darned feels to be back. In addition to the rolling restoration of the Triumph Tiger, my bread baking skills have taken a new leap forward. Stay tuned! 8)
  11. kokopuffs

    Storage of shitake broth

    For over the past 2 1/2 years I've been conducting a rolling restoration on a 1972 Triumph TR6R 650 Tiger motorcycle and the bike has been really all-consuming. And I am ready to return to baking and cooking. This is my first post therefore in 2 1/2 years and bear with me. I've soaked some...
  12. kokopuffs

    Harissa infused olive oil

    This stuff works great with thick crusted pizza. Presently I possess the remnants of a bottle of Oli + Ve from Veronica Foods in Oakland, Ca but I fail to find it online. And I must state that in addition to lamb and chicken couscous that I feasted on during the early 1970's while staying with...
  13. kokopuffs

    Matfer Cake Rings for sale

    Brand new and unused.  Cake and ice cream rings ALL made by MATFER, the best quality imho.  All rings are $9.00 each (nine USD each).   CONUS only.  Buyer pays shipping, handling and optional insurance. CATALOG NUMBERSIZEQUANTITY AVAILABLELOWEST ONLINE RETAIL PRICE          3718068 3/4 x...
  14. kokopuffs

    Help: comment on producing heavy cream

    delete delete delete i found the post
  15. kokopuffs

    Poolish and Yeast

    I make poolish regularly using equal amounts of flour and water along with a scant pinch (1/8 tsp or less) of yeast.  The weight of water and flour each ranges from 100g to 150g.  The ingredients are mixed and the mixture is then placed into the oven overnight with the oven light turned on...
  16. kokopuffs

    Review Hobart N50 5 Qt Mixer - a year later

    It's the best $1000 that I ever spent for a mixer that's been refurb'ed.  It mixes my bread dough effortlessly - a 1.2 kg dough on low and medium speed.  Along with the mixer I purchased an extra mixing bowl and two additional attachments, a wire whip and a dough hook as they both didn't come...
  17. kokopuffs

    Facebook pop up box

    Each time I make a post at the forum a facebook pop up box appears.  How do I eliminate it?  It is becoming a real problem because I'm forced to x out of it in order for my post to be applied.
  18. kokopuffs

    Tart shell that doesn't swell and lift from the corner

    Take a very close look at the 2016 Matfer Catalog, page 43 upper right hand corner, to see how the tart shell has been lined.  The dough is not "stretched into the corner".  Rather, it's gently rolled into the corner from the center of the mold...
  19. kokopuffs

    Angus beef roast + fish sauce + Ceylon cinnamon

    The fish sauce aka anchovie extract fills out the flavor like no other ever could.  The Ceylon cinnamon aka Mexican cinnamon, adds a lil' sparkle, too.  A great flavour combination for Angus beef braised a la pot roast.
  20. kokopuffs

    Tahitian Vanilla Beans

    What's going on with the availability of Tahitian Vanilla Beans from Beanilla, their website.  There aren't any yet I can get Tahitian Vanilla Extract. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT GET VANILLA BEANS FROM AMADEUS.  My reputation speaks for me.
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