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  1. boar_d_laze

    Roaster's Choice Mini 1000 aka Model 100 1KG Electric Coffee Roaster

    This is my new 1kg coffee roaster.  It's advertised on E-Bay as a "Model 100 1KG Electric," but the User's Manual calls it a Roaster's Choice 1000.  Whatever.  It's about as big as anyone could possibly want for a home roaster.   I'm not the first home-roaster in the US to buy one; maybe the...
  2. boar_d_laze

    Robert Burns' Birthday

    Some hae meat and canna eat,And some wad eat that want it;But we hae meat, and we can eat,And sae let the Lord be thankit. Robert Burns 254th birthday is fast approaching, but I'd swear he doesn't look a day over 190; 200 tops.  January 25th is Burns Night.  Anyone else making haggis?  Are you...
  3. boar_d_laze

    Did Santa Feed Your Cooking Jones?

    Santa treated me better than I deserved, all things considered: A few delicacies; a Richmond Carbon Ultimatum; and At Elizabeth David's Table. A review on the knife is forthcoming.  [SPOILER ALERT]  So far I like it heap much plenty. Elizabeth David still rocks like no one else.  While the...
  4. boar_d_laze

    Food Fusic.

    What are your favorite food songs?  Here are just two of mine: and
  5. boar_d_laze

    Least Favorite, Current Food Themed Shows

    Number One on my List of Grievances is Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine.  BDL
  6. boar_d_laze

    Basic KC BBQ Sauce -- Pork and Chicken Variation

    Now that we're well into summer, you've probably been doing a lot of grilling and, with luck, some smoking too.  If you're bored with your barbecue sauce and/or want to do something a little more creative than pouring something out of a bottle, you might want to try this one. A KC style sauce...
  7. boar_d_laze

    Mirabelle Restaurant at the Mirabelle Inn in Solvang, California

    We stayed for two nights at the Mirabelle Inn during our last road trip to Solvang; and had stayed there for one night, about a month previously, as we passed through Solvang on our way to the North Coast. I've already written a little about Solvang in my review of the Hitching Post. Let me...
  8. boar_d_laze

    The Hitching Post 2 in Buellton (near Solvang) California

    Solvang is a little bit of Danish kitsch located in the Santa Ynez Valley which itself is near the southern end of California's Central Coast Appellation wine country. If you're driving the west coast, Solvang is worth a stop on its own merits and this restaurant makes the argument for stopping...
  9. boar_d_laze


    The stuff of UK nurseries and public school tables.  The simplest of all custards. For those who have been made curious by all those English novels, and for those who want to enter their second childhood with familiar flavors (you know who are), fresh from their tour performing before the...
  10. boar_d_laze

    Authentic Food

    Pardon the rant:  I'm starting to equate the word "authentic" when applied to a particular recipe by someone trying to convince me that it's good with "run away."  Half the time they're wrong, and nearly all of the time they're lousy cooks who don't understand the amount of regionalism...
  11. boar_d_laze

    Flattening Warped Pans

    The subject frequently comes up... You (yes, you!) can flatten warped pans.  The technique is to heat them up, put a 2x4 long enough to go from edge to edge of the pan on to the crowned side, and beat the heck out of it -- all over it's entire length, while revolving it so the entire pan...
  12. boar_d_laze

    and a

    Happy New Year!!!! May everything your heart desires come with grace and joy this year.  BDL
  13. boar_d_laze

    Stark's -- A Santa Rosa Steakhouse

    Stark's is an old line steakhouse in Santa Rosa.  By "old line steakhouse" you should understand that it is a temple to Boy Food and about as divorced from wine country cooking as it can be, without quite losing touch.  Wonderful appetizers, great bar, great sides (all served on separate...
  14. boar_d_laze

    What Food and Cooking Related Gifts Did Santa Bring?

    Linda got her very own K-Sabatier au carbone knives.  A 10" cook's knife, engraved "I am Linda's;" and a 4" paring knife, engraved "I am Linda's Too."  The profile on the old cook's knife was starting to get screwed up because it had been sharpened so many times over the years, and I never had a...
  15. boar_d_laze

    How Do You Like Your Fish and Chips?

    With the temperature dropping (don't hate me for living in SoCal) and football getting serious, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of fish and chips.  My fancy, too.  Batter:  For fish and chips, I do the fish tempura style with a light, cold, flour batter over a light, corn-starch dredge...
  16. boar_d_laze

    Basic Barbecue Sauce

    For beef barbecue and most smoking or grilling, I make a tomato/stock based barbecue sauce that isn't Texas or KC, but along the same lines.   When you make generic "barbecue sauce," it's a good idea to remember -- that at heart -- they're tomato based sweet and sours; and the sweet/sour...
  17. boar_d_laze

    The Best Things About Being a Good Cook

    So?  What do you think? BDL
  18. boar_d_laze

    Some Espresso Basics -- Battle of the Machines: DBPID vs HX, or Nicko's vs BDL's.

    There's a Starbucks thread currently getting a lot of hits.  Well, really more of an anti-Starbucks thread.  And there's Nicko's proud-papa thread about his new Duetto: What with the interest, it seemed like a good time to ballpark some of the espresso possibilities. This is my espresso...
  19. boar_d_laze

    All Citrus Turkey Brine

    This is a good one. ALL CITRUS TURKEY BRINE (Yield: Sufficient for 2 14lb Birds) Ingredients: 3 onions 4 garlic cloves, smashed but not chopped 4 bay leaves 2 cups water 10 lbs of ice 3/4 cup non-iodized table salt 2-1/2 qt cold water 1 quart cold prepared lemonade 1 quart cold...
  20. boar_d_laze

    Proposed Thanksgiving Menus

    There are already a few Thanksgiving threads, but I thought this one might synthesize some of what's going on. We're hosting Thanksgiving this year (and for many more to come, I hope.)  The weatherman says we can expect good weather, so we'll be eating on the patio.  As our dining room isn't...
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