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  1. pete

    What's your favorite kind of pie?

    So just a simple, little, fun question for everyone out there. What is your favorite kind of pie? For me it would either be rhubarb (just straight rhubarb-no strawberries, etc.) or Shoo Fly. What's yours?
  2. pete

    Boston-On the Cheap

    At the end of August my wife, daughter and I will be in the Boston area (Tweksbury) for a wedding. Since my daughter has never been to Boston, we are going to spend some of that time doing Boston, and maybe some of the surrounding area (she heard that we would be close to Salem and as she loves...
  3. pete

    Vegan Butchery?

    So, a few weeks ago I was reading an article about a new vegan restaurant opening in Milwaukee. The owners described their place as a vegan "butchery." I wasn't offended, but that description just didn't sit right with me. I did a bit of research and have found a couple of other vegan places...
  4. pete

    Removing Ice from Freezer Floor

    Hoping you guys have some ideas for me. We had some flooding in my current kitchen and a considerable amount got onto my freezer floor and froze. Some areas are only slightly ice covered while in other parts there is about 1/2 an inch of ice. I would prefer not to have to use an ice chipper...
  5. pete

    Fondue Dipping Sauces

    Next week is my Dad's 76th birthday and we are all getting together.  One night we are going to do fondue, which we haven't done, together, as a family in years.  We are going to do 3 courses; Cheese, Oil, and Chocolate.  My brother is handling the Cheese fondue, I'm handling the Chocolate...
  6. pete


    Ramp season will be winding up here, in Wisconsin, soon.  I only got out once, although I might try again this weekend.  Luckily, my favorite hunting grounds were over run with ramps so although I only got out once, last weekend, I got quite a haul and am still eating on the ones I grilled last...
  7. pete

    Leaded Glass Decanter

    Someone in the recent wine thread mentioned leaded glass decanters.  I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on these.  They have been used for hundreds of years to hold wines and liquors but not long ago there was a major study that showed that lead was leached from the glass and into the...
  8. pete

    Let's Talk Whiskey (or Whisky depending on your point of view)

    Bourbon, Scotch, Irish, Canadian, American Straight, or Rye, what is your favorite tipple of choice.  I am a dyed in wool Bourbon fan and I make no excuses.  I also love Rye.  When it comes to Scotch, I enjoy it, but prefer my Bourbon.  Unfortunately, Bourbon has seen a boom in the last 8 years...
  9. pete

    Cheap Eats in Manhattan

    We are planning a big trip out East this coming summer.  Heading to NH for a family reunion, then over to VT to show my daughter where I grew up and revisit some of my favorite places.  The pinnacle of the trip will be 2 1/2 days in Manhattan (Friday -Monday morning).  I am looking for...
  10. pete

    Popcorn Toppings

    I love popcorn!! Growing up we had popcorn at least once a week, usually on Sunday night as we watched Disney.  Back then we rarely topped our popcorn with butter.  That's because we popped it in bacon grease (bacon grease was the oil of choice for just about everything back then) so it didn't...
  11. pete

    What are your favorite podcasts?

    I spend a lot of time commuting to work-about 45 minutes each way and 1 1/2 hours if I have to travel between my 2 units.  Needless to say I need something to occupy my mind.  For years it was just music, then it was books on tape (on CD) and for the past few years it has been podcasts.  So, I...
  12. pete

    So, What are You Fermenting???

    This morning I pulled my sauerkraut from my fermentation crock after 7 weeks fermenting.  Jarred it up and put it in the fridge where I will let it sit another 3-4 days before I start using it.  Later this afternoon, I will start a bunch of kosher style pickles fermenting-usually only ferment...
  13. pete

    Rose Water

    So I happened to pick up a bottle of Rose Water the other week to play around with.  I'm going to experiment with it in a couple of cocktails and in a few baked things.  Wondering if anyone has some great, off-the-wall ideas for using it.  I've used it in a number of ways in the past but wanted...
  14. pete

    Ramps (Wild Leeks)

    It's finally Spring up here in Wisconsin (and it's about time-we broke a record this year with 54 days below 0), which means I'm getting a craving for Ramps.  Went to my usual hunting spot today and found just a few starting to poke out of the ground.  I'm hoping that in another week the place...
  15. pete

    Jean Banchet Dies

    The culinary world lost another great one this past weekend when Jean Banchet passed away from cancer.  For those of you not familiar with Chef Banchet, he almost single handedly elevated Chicago from a Steak and potatoes town to the culinary city that it is today when he opened Le Francais, in...
  16. pete

    Customers that threaten bad Yelp reviews

    Here's a great article about Chef Tony Maws, of Craigie on Main, just outside of Boston and his view on "difficult" guests. Any thoughts?
  17. pete

    Restaurant/Cafe Name

    I am currently playing around with a restaurant concept and messing with the numbers to see if it is a viable business.  I currently have a "working" name although I am not sure that I am completely sold on the name.  The concept is a soup and pie shop.  I will be offering a limited number of...
  18. pete

    Finishing Grilled Chicken with Powdered Sugar

    Not long ago I was talking to a friend about growing up in Vermont and I remembered something that I had seen there numerous times, but had forgotten until just then.  Growing up in Vermont, the local churches often had a Grilled Chicken Dinner as fundraiser.  Often sold as either halves or...
  19. pete

    Top Chef-New Season

    Anyone watching the new season of Top Chef?  Seems like they have some pretty serious talent.  I'm kind of torn about that.  With the pedigree of many of these chefs we should see some great food, but it seems like they are getting away from what, for me, made the show great which is showcasing...
  20. pete

    Beyond the Grill

    For the last 10-15+ years, the majority of your focus, professionally has been grilling and barbecuing and that is what people seem to know you for nowadays, but before that you had written a number of other books, not related to grilling or barbecuing.  It must be difficult to get away from...
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