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    Actual temps for steaks

    For the past 5-6 years we have successfully used the following temps for our NYs and Fillets, which are intended to be slightly "under". Blue   90° Rare 105° MR   115° M     125° MW  140° W     155° And I agree that the USDA temps are completely wrong. Their job is to error on the side of...
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    kitchen management resources

    FYI The form posted by @chefboyOG now has a new url (address) on the same site. We recently updated our navigational structure so the new address to the same content is located here:
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    Productivity Standards as defined by covers/labor hours

    Chefross - Some places do include salaried staff, others don't. I guess it's a matter of what end result you're looking to achieve, For my purposes I want to track the manageable labor hours/$ of my hourly staff, their productivity rating, and how the scheduled/forecasted numbers compared to...
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    Productivity Standards as defined by covers/labor hours

    Chefs- I'm trying to write an article which specifies a general range of productivity for restaurants (FOH & BOH) as well as for just BOH. The purpose of the article is to give chefs (and managers) an idea of acceptable, normal, realistic ranges for this often either over-looked or...
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    Respect in The Kitchen

    I'm fortunate to work at a place where all my peers (6 sous chefs), the exec chef, and F&B managers all believe (and expect) that we should respect each other.  We are all held accountable for our duties, expected to complete our tasks and run our restaurants in a profitable manner, teach our...
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    How do you relax after a long day's worth of work?

    On days off I like to play Halo Reach (or any Halo) shooter game online via XBox.  I can hook-up w/ "online friends" from across the world.  Don't need to plan anything or make a commitment as to how long to play.  Sit on my couch, drink a few vodka's or bourbons, and play.  I don't have to be...
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    BOH contests

    Thanks Leeniek.  Running a contest around a special should be rather easy and it's what I'll do if I can't formulate a better plan.  I'm still trying to find a way to run it around a task.  But designing it around a task such as maintaining the coolers seems harder to control and have equal...
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    BOH contests

    Any new ideas on running a contest for the BOH?  Our manager is running sales contest for the FOH and said he would match it for a contest to my HOH staff.  I like the idea of running it around designing a special which I have to approve.  But I'd like to find a way to tie it into something like...
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    My feet are killing me.

    I keep two styles of shoes at work: one with a raised heel (such as a clog [which you don't want but there are other raised heel shoes]). And another style which is flat.  Changing shoes half way through a long shift "refreshes" my feet & legs because it changes my posture as well as the way my...
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    How Line Cooks Communicate

    We require an email at the end of each shift which is sent to all key players.  It includes covers, good & bad things of the shift, equipment needs, potential problems for the next shift, ordering needs, special directions, etc.  This is nice because I can quickly go to the shift log from...
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    What can I do to prepare for a cooking interview?

    I agree completely with the comments already made, very solid advice.  Additionally, give detailed answers to the interview questions.  Don't simply answer "yes" or "no".  Good interview questions will not allow for a "yes" or "no" answer, but if they ask something like, "Can you work saute...
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    Steak Tempertures

    Are you sure that when you spiked the meat with your thermometer that you actually spiked the temperature at the center of the steak?  If your probe went say 3/4 into the meat (rather than dead center) then your temp would read the outside edge temperature rather than the center.
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    Am I this out of touch

    In our restaurant we offer comps sometimes, and deny comps at others.  Everyone gets the benefit of the doubt and we will offer a comp if we feel that the situation warrents it. Ultimately we determine whether or not we feel this customer is believable and valuable. In this example, this is a...
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    the 3 second rule

    I agree with the "F**k No!" stance.  If one of my staff questions me on it, I bring him into the mens bathroom, step in the puddle under the urinal, go back to the line, step on the floor, place a peice of scrap meat in the spot, then ask them to eat it.  They get the point and don't ask again.
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    Hola a todos!

    Apply your time to what you enjoy and toward your long term goals.  It sounds like you have done well as a manager in the front of the house.  Long term, do you see yourself in the kitchen or in a managers position in the FOH?  If it is in the kitchen then apply yourself there.  Either through...
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    Hello. Looking to pay someone for advise.

    I believe they are Carter Hofman carts.  I have used them before and they are great.  I agree with Ed, 2 smaller ones is better than 1 large one.  If you decide to get one large then try to purchase one extra warmer.  It is super easy to put in and take out.  That way you have a back-up heat...
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    The Flavor Bible any thoughts

    I'm glad you posted!  This looks like a great book.  Amazon rates it at 4.5 stars out of 85 reviews.  Thanks.
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    Specialty chef tools, timbales, molds, etc. in Canada?

    I don't know of a Canadian supplier, but I do know of a few on-line suppliers.  JBPrince is good, but a bit pricy.  Matfer has good products, but their website is not very good.  Getting a catalogue from them is better than trying to negociate their site.
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    Kitchen Humor

    The night crew would occationally put a few of the metal mixing bowls up high on a shelf so you have to reach up for it, and they would fill it to the rim w/ water. You naturally tip the edge when taking it off the shelf.....Splash!! Also, they will fill w/ water the 6 oz ladels which hang...
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