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  1. jimyra

    Nutrition and osteoarthritis

    We are dealing with advanced osteoarthritis. Any recommendations of books on nutrition and meal planning for this problem? Thanks, this is a pain in the knee and hip.
  2. jimyra

    July 2018 Monthly Challenge

    July in my small part of the world means the garden is coming in. The farmers market is going at full speed. Tomatoes, beans, squash, greens, and all kinds of good stuff are out on the tables.. One Asian American farmer has fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are exotic to the area. This...
  3. jimyra

    Help with Sous Vide Prime Rib

    There are only two of us for Christmas dinner. The recipe on the Anova site is for a three pound roast. The smallest roast I could find is 4.5 pounds. This calls for 3 pound for 6 hours at 132 F. Should I do 4.5 pounds for 7 hours at 132? Thank you and have a joyous Christmas.
  4. jimyra

    New Labor rule would let employers keep workers’ tips

    I am not sure this is the correct Forum to post this in but I found it interesting. I picked the website because it was first in my search, I do not endorse the website. What do you think about this...
  5. jimyra

    October 2017 Challenge - Harvest Festivals and Food Preservation

    Well that was fun. Thank you Butzy for hosting it. Always, the entries are fantastic and choosing a winner of winners is a challenge on its own. Butzy, I would like to know how you do that bread? I would like to try it. Thank you all for participating. In my part of the world, it is fall...
  6. jimyra

    Sous vide top round

    I have searched for a time and temp for a London Broil and find a great range. I have a five pound 3 inch thick London broil. I would cook this to about 120 using a conventional oven or grill. We like rare and slice on a deli slicer. I am thinking 124 for 12 hours then sear on grill. What...
  7. jimyra

    Corned Beef

    I am cooking a Corned Beef that I brined this week.  I will braise with vegetables.  I want to slice leftover for Rubens.  I can't remember what temperature to cook to so it will slice.  Getting old is not for sissies. Thanks.  I know one forty is done, I cook my steaks to 115-120. .  
  8. jimyra

    March 2017 Cooking Challenge--Party Food!

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  9. jimyra

    They think they invented the business

    Ran across this site and thought it was interesting.  The local places get more national media coverage now but have the same problems as restaurants have had for years.  Very few independents remain open after five years.  This may be a new century but making a profit much less a living has not...
  10. jimyra

    What to leave for Santa?

    What did you leave on the hearth for Santa growing up?  We started with milk and cookies.  When we got a little older we were told Santa would rather have cheese, crackers, and a glass of Jack Daniel's.  
  11. jimyra

    Malt substitute

    I have a recipe for some kaiser rolls that calls for malt.  Can I substitute a little honey?  I have to order malt online so this is a one time fix.  Thanks
  12. jimyra

    Beware of the chicken

    In a different thread I mentioned a food contamination event last week.  A caterer served a wedding a meal.  On the menu was chicken and green beans.  The investigation has been completed.  one hundred and fifty guests,  ninety nine sick,  twenty two in the hospital.  At this time a week and a...
  13. jimyra

    Catering without the permits

    Found this article yesterday.  It reinforces the advice the pros on cheftalk give to home caterers.
  14. jimyra

    We try to be sustainable but politics and big business win agian

    This was in the news today. I try to buy sustainable seafood caught in the USA. Sometimes I get discouraged by those we elect to serve the people.
  15. jimyra

    Have a great weekend what are you cooking?

    Everyone have a great Labor Day weekend and be safe.
  16. jimyra

    Senate votes to scrap program

    I know this has been covered many times but this is new.  The senate voted to stop the USDA from inspecting catfish from Vietnam.  Here is a link. And why should we care...
  17. jimyra

    From scrach or out of the box

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  18. jimyra


    Do you peel your carrots?  Why?  If I am dicing I cut the sides so the carrot is square.  At home I usually leave the skin on.  It really depends on the dish if I peel potatoes.  What about eggplant?  I know this is a little weird but I have some time on my hands.  JiMyra
  19. jimyra

    sharpen bread knife

    A question for all you knife experts.  How do you sharpen a serrated bread knife?  It is a Forschner.
  20. jimyra

    How do I cook an Ostrich egg?

    I have acquired two Ostrich eggs.  I put them in the refrigerator the day they were laid.  Any ideas on how long they will last?  How should I use them?  Each egg equals twenty four chicken eggs. In the past I have made omelets.    
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