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  1. hookedcook

    Is food borne illness a made up American/ Western idea?

    I'm starting to question this? First off, I would never intently put my guests in harms way. This question is from experience living, working, and traveling around the world for the last 13 years. Most of my work and life is spent in places off the beaten path. I haven't refrigerated an egg...
  2. hookedcook

    Completely burnt out

    So a very serious question. I know I come on here and make smart ass comments sometime. But understand I respect all of you as fellow chefs. Who has been completely burnt out of the chef life and how did you change it. I'm 38 been cooking since I was 14, graduated from Culinary school when I...
  3. hookedcook

    School me on Sous Vide:: Zero to Hero style

    So got hired on a new yacht and apparently the owners big on Sous Vide.  I've been cooking along time but have never used one before.  I completely understand the science and technique behind it.  I have a vacmaster vp215 vaccum sealer.  Seems quality so thats good.    So basically I know there...
  4. hookedcook

    When friends invite a chef to a BBQ, house party, Bonfire, Kids Birthday Party, Superbowl Party?????

    Be prepared to cook.  Tonight my buddys superbowl party.  He said he had everything taken care of but hes cooking.  Just bring some steak and salad.  Long story short games starting.  The frozen shrimp cocktail is still frozen and he wants to put it out.  I have to take over end up cooking 4 10...
  5. hookedcook

    You know when you have crossed then line to a crazy chef when????

    I was just scrubbing a lid to a sauce pot cursing at it telling it why aluminum foil is just so much easier
  6. hookedcook

    TV Show restaurant startup???

    So just watched the show for the 1st time.  So you have investors who hope to make what percentage off your restaurant when you make a profit???  Read Joes book and if you are doing everything perfect after you paid all of the bills you are lucky to get 20%.  Now you have to pay the...
  7. hookedcook

    Breakfast hors d'ouvres for 40-50 ppl, looking for some cool ideas

    So got thrown a surprise,  I'm on my way down to Antigua now for the boat show and just got informed that I am doing a breakfast hors d' oeuvres party for the super high end yacht brokers a day after I get there.  It can't  be buffet because people are coming at random between 8-12.  I didn't...
  8. hookedcook

    Joe's crabshack, paying servers by the hour? This should be interesting!!!!

    It's a big step but not sure if its the right one.  Worked for the Landrys corporation 16 years ago.  The idea isn't bad if it's done right.  I spend time in Europe and just got back from spending a month in Australia where its how its done.  If the service is good you leave your change and a...
  9. hookedcook

    Paco jet masters????

    So got a new gig on a yacht which the owner is obsessed with homemade ice cream.  Have a paco jet which the last chef used.  Been cooking in restaurants for 15 years and on yachts for the last 8 years but as the usual I'm weak on deserts.  Always left the deserts for THE PASTRY CHEF do deal...
  10. hookedcook

    Hors D'ouevres cones

    I'm looking for the right molds and serving trays/platters recommendations and tips.  Please anybody with experience with these give me the specifics. Just thinking off the start of wonton skins with poke in it for now. On a new yacht and the owner wants these for the boat show in a couple of...
  11. hookedcook

    New here, took on a kitchen nightmare restaurant impossible job! Need help

    Hi, so I'm 35 born in Florida, U.S.A. Graduated culinary school 15 years ago and have been mostly sous with some seasonal exec jobs in real restaurants but for the last 8 years have been mostly doing, yachts, ski resorts and fishing lodges in Alaska, and private, and free lance cooking.  Pretty...
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