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  1. David Lawyer

    Shipping/Delivering Baked Pies & Cream Pies

    I am looking at delivering pies and cream pies 'locally' but am unsure how these should be packaged for local transport? Anyone have any experience doing this or advice? Not only do I want to insure that the pies are intact during transport but also would like to prevent tampering if at all...
  2. David Lawyer

    What are the perceived problems with starting a business selling HARD pies?

    What challenges, issues, problems, road blocks do you see with starting a niche pie baking shop focused primarily on HARD or 'alcohol' infused pies? For example like Bourbon Peach Hand Pies? Tequila Lime Pie? etc etc?
  3. David Lawyer

    Anyone have any experience freezing a pie to bake later?

    I've never frozen a pie for baking later and would like to know anyone's experience (and equipment used) when doing this? Can a pie be made, wrapped up and put in a residential freezer to freeze it? Or do you need something more elaborate (and expensive) like a BLAST FREEZER?
  4. David Lawyer

    What Food Photo is More Appropriate or Enticing?

    Have been having a debate as to what sort of photo on a 'bakery menu' would be more appropriate and/or enticing for customers to view. I would like your opinion as to what you think? Either from personal preference or experience displaying and selling baked goods? Do you prefer a more 'staged'...
  5. David Lawyer

    Hello from Boise, Idaho!

    Hello everyone! I'm a lover and baker of everything PIE. I like to make and bake pie, look at pie, sample and eat pie, you name it, if it's a pie I'm all over it. Just started my own (VERY SMALL) pie baking business and catering service and am looking to learn from everyone here how I can become...
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