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  1. bazza

    Random thoughts

    10 years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Today we have no jobs, no cash and no hope. FFS don't let Kevin Bacon die!
  2. bazza

    Kitchen myths

    Over the years we have seen many techniques and methods in cooking, some are set in stone and others are a matter of opinion. Here is one that I have always questioned; I was taught to never put a lid on green vegetables as it will dull their colour. Now there have been occasions when time was...
  3. bazza

    The nightmare service.

    What do you do? It happens to all of us at one time or another when we get hammered and don't have the staff to cope, I know its part and parcel of the biz but I had to share this with you. Our management is cutting back on wages and last Saturday I was doing a 10am till 6pm shift with my...
  4. bazza

    Vanilla cream

    Help! I am having a senior moment, I cannot for the life of me remember the French name for whipped cream with sugar and vanilla, its Shrove Tuesday here and we have pancakes on the menu.
  5. bazza

    Restaurant faux pas

    Diners in the UK have listed the following as their biggest gripes when eating out. The two that came out top of the list are; 1. Over attentive servers. Is everything ok? Is everything ok? Is everything ok? 2. Double tipping, where the service is included but not made clear on the bill and...
  6. bazza

    New job

    Hi, its been a while since I have been around here and its all looking very funky these days! What a crazy few months for me, I sold my restaurant and got a new job! :eek: The sale wasn't intentional it kind of just happened. The guy was calling us and making offers for two years... finally we...
  7. bazza

    Gordon Ramsay a theatre of food and wine.

    I went to Gordon Ramsay (London) in a party of four on a very wet and windy Bank Holiday Monday for lunch. My friend’s wife has wheat intolerance, does not eat red meat (except duck) and does not do dairy (except butter) blah blah blah. We arrived at about 1pm, half an hour early, and thought...
  8. bazza

    Posting a please

    Can someone please explain how to attach an image to a post on here. I have tried uploading through the gallery but my pics are held in a queue and I can't get any further. :confused:
  9. bazza

    Cigarettes and the palette

    This is something I have thought about alot. It is common knowledge that smoking cigarettes is a pretty bad all-rounder and one of the many many downsides is the effect on the taste buds. I have always been told if you want to be a really good chef you must quit the smoking and that even if you...
  10. bazza

    Things to do before you die

    What is your dream? where is the special place you've always wanted to visit? Do you want to leap out of a plane at 20,000 feet? Bungee jump over The Amazon, meditate in Tibet, meet a movie star or sing in a rock band. Does everyone have a things to do list? Have you achieved yours? Ok I'll...
  11. bazza

    Dans le noir

    I recently learned about this restaurant in London, apparently it follows the success of Dans le noir in Paris. The restaurant is set in total darkness and employs blind waiting staff. The concept is that being deprived of one sense will heighten the others, giving a new evaluation of taste...
  12. bazza

    Need advice on bone marrow for Borderlaise sauce

    As many of you will know, Borderlaise sauce requires bone marrow, I have never used it and want to make the sauce authentic. My butcher cannot supply the bone marrow but is delivering beef marrow bones next week. I need to know how to extract the marrow from the bones and how to store it. I am...
  13. bazza

    Menu for 70's night

    Ok so retro is making a bit of a comeback and I am planning a 70's night at the restaurant for May/June, the decor and the music will be the easy part but I am looking for ideas for the menu. I know that a lot of the food from that era was pretty awful but there were some good ones that are...
  14. bazza

    What did you do for Valentine's Day?

    OK I know it, you worked, so did I, and we were fully booked and mad busy. But, we close on Mondays so I took my wife on a lunch date a week ago to a local restaurant called Chapter One it has a michelin star and is fantastic. They advertise excellent food at affordable prices which basically...
  15. bazza

    6-course tasting menu

    Here's one to get your cullinary minds working. Im doing a 6-course wine tasting at the restaurant in April and would welcome your suggestions on the wine pairings. Here is the menu; English asparagus with melted butter and parmesan shavings Chicken liver parfait with red onion chutney Lemon...
  16. bazza

    Scores on the doors

    Over here in the Uk The Food Standards Agency are introducing a new scheme called "Scores on the doors" whereby all establishments who handle food are rated by a star system. These stars are awarded based on Environmental health officers' visits and eventually, it will be mandatory to display...
  17. bazza

    Obnoxoius customers

    Hi everyone I've been reading Marco Pierre White's book recently and apparently in his early career he had a restaurant called Harveys in London. If a customer at Harveys was being particularly obnoxious MPW would instuct his Maitre D' to clear the table of everything except the cloth whilst...
  18. bazza

    Scallop roes

    I heard you can oven dry scallop roes until they are hard and brittle, you then grind them to a powder which can be used to impart flavour and colour to sauces and risottos etc. Has anyone any advice on how to store this and how long it will keep?
  19. bazza

    Hello everyone

    Hi I joined whilst browsing for ideas. I have always had a passion for food and wine, and at the ripe old age of forty-four decided to open my own restaurant along with my partner... with absolutely no experience!! Three years on the restaurant is flourishing, we have had to learn fast and I...
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