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  1. harrisonh

    What's your Go to Knife ?

    mitchline said "I just want to help small business owners instead of giving my $$ to the big guys. I have supported some projects in the kickstarter as well, mostly to those with small budgets. " Please understand that while it IS good to help a REAL artisan or small business, most...
  2. harrisonh

    What's your Go to Knife ?

    OK please understand that a pretty knife is not always an even halfway decent knife. Despite the Japanese sounding name, those are NOT Japanese shaped blades. Being a damscus knife (whether pattern welded or faux wootz) does NOT mean they are good. Do NOT just shop for a Damascus blade. Buy a...
  3. harrisonh

    Would you ever buy an Electric knife?

    no one would use one seriously in a working kitchen for guests, but to carve turkey or ham on a holiday, OK And the cord would get in the way or the batteries would weigh it down and it would fail or need a charge at the most inopportune time.
  4. harrisonh

    Recommendations for an Oyster Knife ??

    as mediocre as I think their culinary knives are, dalstrong makes a GREAT oyster knife. Other than that, r murphy and dexter Remember there are different styles,
  5. harrisonh

    Chef Knife Roll Bag

    I personally like Boldric, but ultimate edge are pretty good.
  6. harrisonh

    Personal chef Thread

    wrong forum
  7. harrisonh

    I need beta readers

    good luck on your project.
  8. harrisonh

    Who knew replacing a knife was such pain?

    I certainly agree that I've seen globals used in many top notch places. BUT to the second part of your answer, what does the knife have to do with it, it DOES matter within reason. A good knife is not going to make a bad cook into a cood cook. But it DOES force them to use better technique, a...
  9. harrisonh

    Who knew replacing a knife was such pain?

    OK several things. I saw the ridiculous claim that Globals are not used in working kitchens. Globals are NOT a knife I personally enjoy using, but they are NOT objectively bad knives. I have seen them used in scores of kitchens I've visited, by hundreds of chefs including many working in...
  10. harrisonh

    Outsourcing knife sharpening

    Also once a month is NOT sufficient to keep knives sharp, even with your cooks bringing in their own rolls. And if they're not bringing in their own knives, you need to be doing it 2-3 times a week. Most of the knives the rental services use are purposely soft so that they have less breakage...
  11. harrisonh

    Outsourcing knife sharpening

    99.99% of those "knife sharpening services" are just people who have a grinder or a belt sander. You should NOT expect that your results are anywhere near even what I would consider decent and I would DEFINATELY NOT have them do your personal knives, especially your Japanese knives. Almost all...
  12. harrisonh

    Question: Can a 17 year old in high school be a part time line cook?

    I have known some spectacular kids that have worked a line at that age, but I have never known one to work well at that age without experience. I'd apply as a washer, and IF you are eager and you show how great a work ethic you have, I guarantee you'll be asked to help prep something. And now...
  13. harrisonh

    Would you rather hire a cook with experience or a certificate?

    no sgmchef, I did not miss the point. YOU posted a false dichotomy
  14. harrisonh

    Why are culinary schools closing?

    because most are based on getting consumer loans from government programs that will no longer pay for them because of the HUGE abuse in the fake "college" scam marketplace. Even legitimate companies were virtually taken over by scam companies that operated franchises under their name. While I...
  15. harrisonh

    chef knife recommendations for a clueless husband

    let her pick her own knife!!! Let her interact with her co-workers, mentors, chef instructors, etc They're opinions will shape her perception!!!! Nothing that would be sadder for you to take time and effort to be thoughtful and to have her take it to school/work and have them laugh at her. (I'm...
  16. harrisonh

    Any way selling or donating used chef's knives, kitchen equipment or gadgets?

    If you have a 501.c3 write out a grant proposal. there are many corporations that wuld love to give in kind gifts or give money to cover knives if the proposal is good enough There are MANY working chefs that have used knives, even band new knives they don't use, that we've acquired as test...
  17. harrisonh

    do you recognize vegan as an allergy?

    similarly. "no gluten" CAN BE a LEGITIMATE insensitivity, and the "no wheat" FAD. But 99% of the people CLAIMING it do not legitimately have it. I am willing to take their money within reason. Think of it as "marketing". But separately FAKERS take away the credibility of people with LEGITIMATE...
  18. harrisonh

    do you recognize vegan as an allergy?

    no, it is a LIFE CHOICE. It is a legitimate life choice that many places shold try to accomidate, but it is NOT an "allergy"
  19. harrisonh

    Nexus knives

    _______________ separately I missed the deal on the ihomeer. It is a THIRD PARTY sale, not "amazon price". I don't doubt that eventually it will go on sale again. I would not have used it for myself, for more than 10 minutes, but it would have been great to give to my students who are people who...
  20. harrisonh

    Nexus knives

    1 It's not that they don't know if they are rocker or chopper. Just like many knives, they are hybrids. 2 your style IS a valid style, but it's not the only style. 3 the blade angle is 15 degrees. I measures it with an electronic angle guide it IS correct within one degree. And I have two of...
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