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  1. millionsknives

    oyster shucking competition any tips?

    Going to a cocktail and oyater pairing event on Sunday. 100% new england oysters i.e. eastern virginica gear: -shucker paddy -boston stabber -wellfleet i filed down thin and sharp for front side entry - r murphy wellfleet -too fat dexter russell new haven -old reliable dexter russell new...
  2. millionsknives

    August 2018 Cooking Challenge - Weeknight cookout!

    I like day trips, long weekends, and after work fishing. Not everything has to be a 1 week vacation or a 12 hour brisket. You have to make time to enjoy the little things, like this summer weather. I cook outside year round and in the summer I want to eat outside too. Don't wait for an...
  3. millionsknives

    What knives do you sharpen the most often?

    Just for fun, what knife types do you have to sharpen the most?  Not particular makers, I'm asking about styles of knife For me, not surprisingly, the ones that need sharpening the most are the ones that handle tough tasks or are just too thin: 1) heavy cleaver that does everything from...
  4. millionsknives

    Do I even need a santoku

    Anything I would use this for I would reach for a chinese cleaver or a petty first.  That said...  something about a tall santoku (53mm!) with distal taper and good geometry..  It's hard to say no at the sale price $71.  If it was stainless it would make a good gift knife...
  5. millionsknives

    February 2017 Cooking Challenge - Citrus

    Sharpen your stainless steel knives. This month's cooking challenge is... CITRUS Where I am, I'm starting to see good citrus.  There are the obvious ones of course, but I will throw out some uncommon ideas to help you get started.  Tangerines, clementines, key limes, persian limes, Meyer...
  6. millionsknives

    natural stones

    Oh no! My first JNAT.  I hear it is a slippery slope from here into the abyss  Okudono Suita Koppa, 136x76x29mm, Med-Hard I won't have time to play with it until sunday but as I understand it is a splash and go medium hard,  fine grit stone.  I intend to use it as a finisher.  Next I'll get...
  7. millionsknives

    Suisin western inox 210

    I bought this for a friend's wedding gift because it hit all my metrics for shopping for beginners 1) stainless 2) not too hard or soft 3) good fit and finish 4) thin 5) less than $150, way less only $96 during the december sale It's asymmetric for righties but my intelligence reports that...
  8. millionsknives

    wine pairing for smoked turkey?

    Hi everyone, I'm smoking two turkeys for thanksgiving and I'm looking for wine advice I was recommended maybe an unoaked chardonnay maybe on the more acidic side to cut through fat or maybe a red that can stand up to the smoke. What are your thoughts for wine pairing? Any particular varietals...
  9. millionsknives

    turkey talk - flash frying

    I am going to be on a bit of a schedule this thanksgiving with picking up relatives and a shortened cooking time.  I am going to do ballotines with two 15-16 lb turkeys for both time and space reasons.  I'd love to spatchcock and go hot at 450F but my grills are just too small for two turkeys...
  10. millionsknives

    cheap chinese cleavers

    I picked up this knife for $22.  Spine is thick,  edge is super thin.  Not as thin as cck 1303, but real close.  The thicker spine gives you something to hold on to and some needed weight in a cleaver IMO.  Carbon steel no frills small cleaver.  At this price point I recommend it without...
  11. millionsknives

    Custom knife block

    Cleaver storage is a pain in the butt...   Unless you trade your crafty friend homemade dry cured bacon for a custom knife block!
  12. millionsknives

    squid processing

    My aunt loves squid fishing and usually gets quite a haul.  I'm talking hundreds of pounds.  Some is kept, some is sold.  A lot gifted to me! Now after cleaning hundreds maybe thousands of squid in the past year,  I have some questions. The internet says you get two ink sacs, one inside the...
  13. millionsknives

    beer stock

    I'm doing a chili competition in a week.  I was going to use a stout and beef stock as my liquid component.  But instead of reducing beer and beef stock down,  I was thinking I can skip a step and make the beef stock with beer instead of water.   Crazy?  Or crazy smart?
  14. millionsknives

    Sharpening setup

    Not what stones you use.  I'm curious how everyone has their workspace.  Stone bridge?  Stone holder?  On the counter?  On the table?  On the floor?   Soaking stones 24/7?  Or as you need ?
  15. millionsknives

    wok stove height

    I bought one of these charcoal stoves And now I'm trying to figure out what I want to put it on to 1) not burn the porch 2) raise it up higher I found cinderblocks 8x8x16"   I can double up and the height of the stove is another 11".   Is 27" high enough for wok cooking? It's usually...
  16. millionsknives

    fresh tamarind

    Any tips on processing tamarind?  I know it's available in blocks of paste at some asian markets...  I couldn't find any, only fresh. Typically I take out the outer shell,  simmer wiht some water, take out the fibers and the seeds, and then reduce.  It takes a while and it's messy.  Any hacks?
  17. millionsknives

    Looking for help deciding on starter knives

    Welcome to here.   Gyuto is roughly the shape of a french chefs knife, but with harder steel.   It's the all purpose knife that is good for everything that isn't butchery or fish.  Sujihiki is the equivalent of a protein slicer/ carving knife. You should repost your question in the knife sub...
  18. millionsknives

    crispy fried shallots

    Let's talk shallots!  I cook a lot of vietnamese and thai food.  One of my favorite garnishes is crispy fried shallots.  It goes on everything from noodle soups to stir fry to salads. There are a couple store bought options, but I'm thinking of making my own.  AFAIK here is what is available 1)...
  19. millionsknives

    Sugimoto #6 chuka bocho

    I took a chance on this for $180 It weighs 448g and my Suien VC weighs 462.   This is surprising because it is so much thicker!  The steel must not be as dense.   I was on the fence between #6 and #7.  I'm glad I did not get #7. It has a heavy distal taper, so the front is thinner than the...
  20. millionsknives

    Lunar New Year coming up

    For all of Asia, this is when we have new year celebrations.  It's much more food centric than than the end of december. Watchu guys making ? I got some lotus root
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