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  1. friedzucchini

    Butter fun facts

    The world record for butter eating is 7 quarter pound sticks of salted butter in 5 minutes by Donald Lerman.
  2. friedzucchini

    Butter fun facts

    In Quebec, Canada, a law existed until July 2008 which stated that margarine must be a different color from butter.
  3. friedzucchini

    Butter fun facts

    Butter contributes only 3% of the total fat in the U.S. food supply.
  4. friedzucchini

    Butter fun facts

    Pioneer wives moving Westward learned to make butter on the march by using the motion of the wagon to churn their butter.
  5. friedzucchini

    YouTube Favourites...Yours?

    Here's another good cooking one: Moon County's Bread Bowl
  6. friedzucchini

    Top Chef Episode 11 who's next?

    Jen sucks. She gone!
  7. friedzucchini

    The World's Rudest Restaurants

    YES! Also, Ed Debevic's is intentionally rude as well. Some places deserve to get away with that sort of stuff. Reminds me of the old west.
  8. friedzucchini

    Waiter/Manager with an attitude.

    That's pretty much the norm for L.A., as I'm sure you're aware.
  9. friedzucchini

    Kolacki (Ko-Lotch-Kee)

    I was wondering if anyone had a reliable recipe for the Polish dessert pastry kolacki? It's been a few years since I've had any and wouldn't mind whipping some up for the holidays. thanks!
  10. friedzucchini

    Just dropping by

    Hello all. My name is Rick and I like scrambled eggs. i like some other things, but I cook a lot of scrambled eggs for myself. I'm a struggling actor but hoping to become a better cook. I'll probably be asking some silly questions, but hopefully I can get some good advice and make some friends...
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