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  1. cyberdoc

    Wicked weather in the plains.

    Watching some wicked storms in the plains.  Looks like it has the potential to be a major tormado outbreak.
  2. cyberdoc

    Wireless router

    I just stood up a new 802.11N wireless router.  It is a Cisco WRT320N.  My previous router was pretty buggy.
  3. cyberdoc

    More Snow

    Batten down the hatches. It looks like the Mid-Atlantic is going to get walloped again this weekend. If the models are on track, in the NCA we're looking at a possibility of 13 inches to 2 feet. We still have snow piles from the December storm. Fasten your seatbelt, it's going to be a bumpy...
  4. cyberdoc

    The US NCA is in the crosshairs this weekend.

    A major winter storm is bearing down on the East Coast, and the DC area is squarely in the crosshairs. if the forecast models hold we will get up to 20" of snow before it's all said and done. It is already nuts around here. traffic is two-blocked, and all the stores are jam packed. Buckle your...
  5. cyberdoc

    Seven fishes

    This one is for all the Italians out there. I do a recipe for a seafood bisque that has seven types of seafood in it. Would that qualify as the seven fishes for Christmas Eve, or does it have to be seven seperate dishes?
  6. cyberdoc


    Hello all. Found this site Googling something. I'm looking forward to joining in the conversation.
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