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  1. Chef_Aaron_B

    Perfect French Fries?

    On a quest to make the perfect french fries. What have you found out works best for scratch made fries? Cold blanch, soak in acidic water first, salt brine, etc. 350 Degree Fryer? Need Help to make the PERFECT French Fries!
  2. Chef_Aaron_B

    Professional "How To" Videos

    I am 10+ Year trained chef now working for a company specializing in Cook and Hold ovens. I am going to be starting a YouTube channel for How to Videos. My questions to you all is, what Items/Dishes are out there that most Chefs struggle to make correctly? Looking for a few good things to start...
  3. Chef_Aaron_B

    Steamer going dry

    I have a new steamer that works great every time I use it except for when I put potatoes in it. The sensors won't detect low water and the steamer starts to burn up. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Is it just all the starch in the potatoes coating the sensors making them think there is...
  4. Chef_Aaron_B

    Large Caterings

    Chefs: I am wondering what is your go to cook and hold, warming cabinets or hot box that you would use when doing lets say 500+ Catering. I am working for a company that produces this type of equipment and am wondering what are some brands out there that Chefs know and love.
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